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Fri Sep 20 1996

FYI: UC Irvine Working Papers, O-Hayo Sensei #16

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  1. Irvine Linguistics Students Association, UC Irvine Working Papers in Linguistics <SWOT II Proceedings>
  2., Teaching Jobs in Japan: O-Hayo Sensei #16 Available

Message 1: UC Irvine Working Papers in Linguistics <SWOT II Proceedings>

Date: Thu, 19 Sep 1996 21:40:32 PDT
From: Irvine Linguistics Students Association <>
Subject: UC Irvine Working Papers in Linguistics <SWOT II Proceedings>

Irvine Linguistics Students Association is pleased to announce the
publication of the second volume of the UCI Working Papers in

	 UCI Working Papers in Linguistics, Volume 2
		Proceedings of the South Western Optimality
 			Theory Workshop (SWOT II)

		Edited by Brian Agbayani and Naomi Harada

Articles appearing in the second volume are:
Phonological Constraints and Base-Reduplicant Non-Identity: The Case
of Vietnamese
	Brian Agbayani
Yokuts Template: Correspondence to Neither Input nor Output
	Diana Archangeli and Keiichiro Suzuki
A Typology of Vowel Coalescence
	Roderic F. Casali
Fula Consonant Mutation and Morpheme Constraints
	Dirk Elzinga
Syllable Structure Constraints: A C/D Model Perspective
	Osamu Fujimura
Vowel Harmony in Optimality Theory: The Role of Tenuous Contrast
	Alicja Gorecka
An Optimality Theoretic Approach to Ternary Stress Systems
	Toru Ishii
Coronal Consonants in Ponapean Revisited
	Michie Takano
On Tonal Transparency
	Bernard Tranel

Also Available:

	 UCI Working Papers in Linguistics, Volume 1
	Edited by Brian Agbayani, Kazue Takeda and Sze-Wing Tang

Articles appearing in the first volume are:
On the Interaction of Antecedent Contained Deletion and Negative
Polarity Licensing: Theoretical Implications
	Brian Agbayani
On Word Order in Old English
	Terri Griffith
Raising in Dagur Relative Clauses
	Ken Hale and Chunyan Ning
LF as a Level without Functional Categories and its Parallelisms with
the Overt Syntax of a Language without Functional Categories
	Hajime Ikawa
De as a Functional Head in Chinese
	Chunyan Ning
Coronal Unmarkedness and Sonority in Optimality Theory: The Case of
	Michie Takano
Scrambling and Partial Object Shift
	Yuji Takano
On Lexical Quantification: The Case of Saai in Cantonese
	Sze-Wing Tang
Phonological Constraints, Optimality, and Phonetic Realization in
	Moira Yip
English Verb-Particle Constructions: A *Knock Out
	Ed Zoerner

US$12 each, plus shipping and handling (per item)
Domestic: $5; Canada: $6; Mexico: $7 (airmail), $5 (surface);
Elsewhere: $11 (airmail), $7 (surface)

* The international shipping and handling rates are subject to the
numbers of copies ordered and location. Please contact
<> in ordering more than one copy from abroad.


Irvine Linguistics Students Association
3151 Social Sciences Plaza
University of California, Irvine
Irvine, CA 92697-5100-04

phone: 714-824-4256

PREPAYMENT REQUIRED. Please make checks or money orders payable to
'ILSA-ASUCI'. We cannot accept credit card payment. Payment must be in
US funds, drawn on a US bank. Please allow 4-6 weeks for
delivery. Send order form and payment to:

Irvine Linguistics Students Association,
School of Social Sciences,
University of California, Irvine,
Irvine, CA 92697, U.S.A.

Please address inquires to

Customer information
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				Total:		$
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Message 2: Teaching Jobs in Japan: O-Hayo Sensei #16 Available

Date: Fri, 20 Sep 1996 07:07:25 -0800
From: <>
Subject: Teaching Jobs in Japan: O-Hayo Sensei #16 Available
The current issue (#16) of O-Hayo Sensei, the free bi-weekly
newsletter of teaching jobs in Japan is now available.

Contents of 1996 #16 (9/16/96):

Thirty-Eight Teaching Positions
Editing Jobs
Upcoming JALT Workshops
CALICO Call For Proposals
The Classifieds
Twenty Schools/Employers from the OH Databases
 (Subscriber Edition Only)
How to Call and Write
Current Exchange Rates
Airfare Watch

The current issue is available free via e-mail as a text-only document
(about 44K), by sending a message with ONLY this EXACT text string in
the body:

 get issue 1996no16

to ONLY this address:

O-Hayo Sensei will be e-mailed back to you in a few hours.

Or, you can visit the WWW site for a preview:

Good luck!

Lynn Cullivan
Editor, O-Hayo Sensei
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