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Tue Sep 24 1996

Jobs: TESL positions at Inha, Ling in Mauritius

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  1. Bo Up Hong, TESL positions at Inha for 1997
  2. Durham Linguistics, Teach Linguistics in Mauritius

Message 1: TESL positions at Inha for 1997

Date: Sun, 05 Nov 1995 17:51:38 +0900
From: Bo Up Hong <>
Subject: TESL positions at Inha for 1997

***10 TESL positions available at Inha***Update Sept 24,1996

The Language Center is inviting 10 native-speaker instructors of
freshman English conversation to be assigned to classes of not more
than 25 students for the spring semester of 1997 on a one-year
contract renewable to a two-year one upon satisfactory completion of
the initial contract. The minimum teaching load per week is 16 hours.
The minimum annual salary is KW 19,200,000 for MA/TESL. Independent
housing with cooking, bathing,heating, and airconditiong facilities.
University hospital provides medical care based on the Korean medical
insurance system. Extra compensation for extra teaching hours during
vacations. For further detail,please refer to the Inha home page(line
1) , e-mail or fax:

 1.Contact information
 www: or

 2. required documents:
 A.passport photpages(coped)
 B.two passport size photos (to be mailed)
 C.BA or MA Diploma
 D.TESL certificate
 E.academic transcripts(official)
 F.two letters of recommendation from your supervisors
 G.medical history record (can be mailed later)
 3. application deadline:Oct 15,1996
 4. address:Mr. Bo Up Hong
 Director of Language Center
 Inha University
 253 Yonghyundong
 Inchon 402-751 KOREA(SOUTH)
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Message 2: Teach Linguistics in Mauritius

Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 22:51:36 BST
From: Durham Linguistics <>
Subject: Teach Linguistics in Mauritius

The University of Mauritius and the Linguistics Dept at the Univ of
Durham have been trying to arrange for a lecturer in linguistics at
Mauritius to begin his PhD studies at Durham with a year of
residence. His being able to come depends on there being a suitable
replacement for him for the second half of the present term, which
ends around Dec. 15 in Mauritius. The person who was going to do this
at the last minute cannot now go.

Thus, the U. of Mauritius is seeking a person with some experience in
teaching classes of up to 70 students, who are not native speakers of
English. The candidate will teach first year intro to linguistics, 2nd
yr. sociolinguistics, and 3rd yr. 2nd Lge Acquisition for 6-8 weeks
and will be in charge of examining them in December. Syllabuses for
the classes already exist; applications can be by fax to Dr. Martha
Young-Scholten at the Univ. of Durham (given below), where they will
be speedily forwarded if she finds them appropriate (CV and cover

The U. of Mauritius offers to send more details of the syllabuses by
fax if requested. The candidate must be approved by the administration
of the U. of Mauritius, but this will obviously be done speedily,
given the time constraint; the sooner the person can arrive the

The candidate should be preferably someone close to the PhD or an MA
with significant experience teaching large university classes in

The appeal of the position is the location and climate of Mauritius,
as well as the fact that it is a regular lecturer position of a
national university. The university has a budget of 75,000 rupees,
about 2,500 pounds Sterling for the position, apparently the air fare
from Europe plus about 1,500 pounds. However, costs of everything are
about 1/3 those in the UK.

We would greatly appreciate any fledgling academic with an urge for
this less traveled route to linguistic fame and adventure to indicate
their interest asap, with a faxed and brief CV if at all possible.

Email your interest to Dr. Young-Scholten at the University of Durham

and fax the CV to us as 44-191-374-2685.

Joe Emonds
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