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Tue Sep 24 1996

FYI: WWW Stress System Database, PHIL-LIT LIST announcement

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  1. "Todd M. Bailey", FYI: WWW Stress System Database
  2. Kate Kearns, PHIL-LIT LIST announcement

Message 1: FYI: WWW Stress System Database

Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 13:35:17 BST
From: "Todd M. Bailey" <>
Subject: FYI: WWW Stress System Database
Dear colleagues:

In doing my thesis I compiled a list of primary (word) stress systems
in some 140 languages (largely based on Hayes 1995 and Halle &
Vergnaud 1987). Hoping this might be useful to others, I've put it in
a database accessible as a web page at URL

Each record in the database includes language name, basic pattern of
primary stress, references, and miscellaneous comments. The database
may be sorted either by language name or by primary stress pattern.

I welcome information on additional languages and stress patterns, or
other additions or corrections, which will be incorporated into the
database with acknowledgement of the contributor. I'd also appreciate
any suggestions for how to make the database more useful.

Correspondence regarding the Stress System Database should be sent
directly to me at


Todd M. Bailey
Research Fellow, McDonnell-Pew Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience
University of Oxford

email: phone: +44-1865-271404
smail: Experimental Psychology fax: +44-1865-310447
 South Parks Road
 Oxford OX1 3PT
 United Kingdom
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Message 2: PHIL-LIT LIST announcement

Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 12:25:29 +1200
From: Kate Kearns <>
Subject: PHIL-LIT LIST announcement

I am posting this message for a friend - no enquiries to me please -
Kate Kearns

Philosophy and Literature, the interdisciplinary journal published by
the Johns Hopkins University Press, sponsors an electronic-mail list
service for philosophers and literary critics, scholars, and

PHIL-LIT offers news, book announcements, calls for papers, contents
of journals, and conference plans. Subscribers post queries, trade
inside information and advice, preview drafts of articles and reviews,
dispute, congratulate, refute, and defend one another. PHIL-LIT
serves as a single source of information and the exchange of ideas--an
electronic newsletter run on democratic principles.

Like the journal it serves, it owes allegiance to no particular school
or style of criticism, and is open to anyone who takes a serious
interest in philosophical interpretations of literature, literary
investigations of classic works of philosophy, philosophy of language,
and literary theory.

 To subscribe send the following message:


 (e.g., SUBSCRIBE PHIL-LIT Herman Northrop Frye)

 And send the message to


Kate Kearns
Linguistics department
University of Canterbury
Private Bag 4800
New Zealand
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