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Tue Sep 24 1996

FYI: URL for Rutgers Optimality Archive, IE Newsletter

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  1. Optimality Archive, New URL / Web interface for Rutgers Optimality Archive
  2., IE Newsletter

Message 1: New URL / Web interface for Rutgers Optimality Archive

Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 15:30:42 EDT
From: Optimality Archive <>
Subject: New URL / Web interface for Rutgers Optimality Archive
To members of the LINGUIST List:

The Rutgers Optimality Archive (ROA) is an electronic archive of works
in and on Optimality Theory. As of this month, ROA works through an
easy-to-use Web interface, located at:

Posting in ROA is open to all who wish to circulate their work in OT.
The archive currently holds about 150 articles, working papers,
dissertations, collections of handouts from conferences.

Submissions to ROA may be uploaded and downloaded through the new
interface. In addition, ROA contents may be listed, abstracts may be
viewed, and a search engine enables string searches in the title,
author, and abstract fields for the entire archive. Further
information may be found by pursuing the links on the ROA homepage.

Any and all questions related to ROA should be addressed to our
administrative e-mail address:

- Eric Bakovic and Alan Prince
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Message 2: IE Newsletter

Date: Thu, 19 Sep 1996 18:03:57 PDT
From: <>
Subject: IE Newsletter
A new edition of the Indo-European Newsletter has just appeared. It
contains news, a list of new and forthcoming books and journals, brief
book reviews, newly-available IE electronic resources, a list of
upcoming conferences as well as essays.

Among the "Brief Communications":

- a summary by James P. Mallory of the "Conference on the Bronze Age
and Iron Age Peoples of Eastern Central Asia" held at the University
of Pennsylvania on April 19-21, 1996, a conference devoted to the
mummies found in Xinjiang, China and their archaeological, genetic,
and possible linguistic affiliation(s).

- a short summary of the Second German Linguistics Annual Conference
held at Madison, WI on April 26-28 by Christopher Stevens.

The essays in this issue include:

- two essays on recent developments in Insular Celtic, one on Celtic
phonology and morphology (by Kim McCone) and the other on syntax and
other matters (by Joseph Eska).

- a contribution by Craig Melchert on recent developments in
The newsletter is officially affiliated with the Indo-European Studies
program at UCLA. Contribution levels (which pay for this bi-annual
newsletter and support IE activities) are $10 for students, $20 for
others ($25 for those outside the continental U.S.). Checks should be
made payable to "FAIES/UCLA Foundation" and sent to: FAIES, 2143
Kelton Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90025 For further information, please
contact: Deborah Anderson at dwanders
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