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Books: Phonology, Lg acquisition

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  1. Michael Bernstein, New book: phonology, acquisition

Message 1: New book: phonology, acquisition

Date: Tue, 24 Sep 1996 10:22:17 EDT
From: Michael Bernstein <>
Subject: New book: phonology, acquisition


ACQUISITION edited by Barbara Bernhardt, John Gilbert and David Ingram

ISBN 1-57473-009-6 / 1996 / paperback / 292 pages / $25.00 Cascadilla
Press / phone: 1-617-776-2370 / fax: 1-617-776-2271

The Proceedings of the UBC Conference on Phonological Acquisition
contain 23 papers from the conference, organized into sections on
feature acquisition, prosodic structure acquisition, interactions of
prosodic and segmental tiers in acquisition, and instrumentation in
phonological analysis. The volume is a significant addition to the
literature on phonological acquisition, both in data and in
theoretical treatment. The authors consider new data from a number of
languages, focusing on the major period of phonological acquisition in
production. The intended audience includes phonologists,
speech-language pathologists, and phoneticians interested in
developmental phonology, disordered phonology, and general theoretical
topics in phonology, particularly current theories such as Optimality

A table of contents and ordering details are available by e-mail from or on the web at:
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