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Sun Jan 28 1996

Confs: European Second Language Association, GURT 96

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  1. Irene Kraemer,

Message 1:

Date: Thu, 25 Jan 1996 16:20:41 PST
From: Irene Kraemer <>

 scientific programme at a glance

 friday may 31

Registration from 08.30. University Auditorium and 


Official opening by professor Theo J.M. van Els, Rector of the university


Closing Plenary 14.00 - 15.00. University Auditorium and
Conference Centre

The programme will consist of plenary presentations and
parallel sessions.
We also plan to arrrange a guided visit to the 

Institut f81r Psycholinguistik during the Friday lunch 


Principal speakers
Anne Cutler Max-Planck-Institut, Nijmegen
Roeland van Hout Tilburg University
Gabriele Kasper University of Hawai'i
Clive Perdue University of Paris VIII

Organizing committee
Eric Kellerman, Departments of English and Applied Linguistics
Bert Weltens, University Language Centre
Jacqueline Berns, Conference Centre


University Auditorium and Conference Centre
Comeniuslaan 2, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Important Dates
March 1, 1996 Deadline for receipt of abstracts
March 31, 1996 Mailing notification of acceptance of abstracts
April 15, 1996 Deadline for receipt of registrations
May 31, 1996 Registration opens at 08.30 hrs. in the
 University Auditorium and Conference

Registration fees
Members of Eurosla and An82la NLG 230 (approximately GBP 92 or USD 146)
Non-members NLG 280 (approximately GBP 112 or USD 186)

The registration fee includes daily coffee and tea breaks and three

If you apply as a member of The European Second Language Association
or An82la (The Dutch association of applied linguistics) at the same
time as you register for the conference, you will also be entitled to
the reduced fee of NLG 230. The membership fee of Eurosla is NLG 50
and of An82la it is NLG 60. If you decide to become a member of one of
these associations, please transfer the money together with the
registration fee.

Complete registration forms should be returned by 

April 15, 1996 with full payment. Money orders and 

must be made payable to Congress organization, 

University of
Nijmegen, Comeniuslaan 2, Nijmegen:
- Bank-to-bank transfer: account number 

of the
 ABN/AMRO Bank Nijmegen. The swiftnumber of the 

bank is
- Certified cheques (e.g. Eurocheques, valid maximum NLG 300);
- Credit card: Euro/Master Card, VISA or American Express.
The participant's name, address and project number 3020.. must
be marked on the money order or cheque. 

Refunds on registrations are applicable as follows:
Before May 1, 1996 75% refund
After May 1, 1996 no refund

Hotel Accommodation
Special prices have been arranged with various hotels in
Nijmegen. There are three categories of hotels:

Category A single NLG 150 double NLG 180
Category B single NLG 95 double NLG 125
Category C single NLG 55 double NLG 110

Please note that accommodation should be paid for at the hotel as you
check out. In the case of no show you will receive a bill for the
first night.

Insurance The organizing committee will not be responsible for any
medical expenses, loss or accidents during the conference and we
recommend that participants insure themselves in this respect.

Letter of invitation 

A letter of invitation will be sent upon request. This letter, however
does not consitute any obligation on the part of the organizing
committee to cover travel expenses, registration fee or any other
costs connected with participation in the conference.

In connection with the scientific programme:
Eric Kellerman
Department of English, University of Nijmegen
PO Box 9103
6500 HD Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Fax +31 24 361 59 39

In connection with registration/accommodation details:
Jacqueline Berns
Conference Agency, University of Nijmegen
PO Box 9111
Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Telephone +31 24 361 59 68
Fax +31 24 356 79 56


Friday, May 31 until Sunday, June 2, 1996, Nijmegen, 


Name, Mr./Mrs. Title


Mailing address

Postal code/Zip code/City/Country

Telephone Fax E-mail

wishes to register for: O EUROSLA 6 O An82la 

and has transferred the amount of NLG to the
Conference Agency by:

O Bank-to-bank transfer: account number 55 77 28 

783 of the
 ABN/AMRO Bank Nijmegen, swiftnumber 

O Certified cheques (e.g. Eurocheques, valid 

maximum NLG
O Euro/Mastercard O Visa Card O American 


Card number Expiry date
Name of the cardholder

Hotel reservation
Category A O single NLG 150 O double 

NLG 180
Category B O single NLG 95 O double 

NLG 125
Category C (without O single NLG 55 O double 

NLG 110 


Date of arrival Date of departure1A

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Message 2: GURT96: REMINDER

Date: Sat, 27 Jan 1996 01:26:32 EST
From: <>
PREREGISTRATION DEADLINE: (postmarked no later than) FEBRUARY 9,
1996. After this date, on-site fees apply. A 10% handling fee
will be charged for refunds.

For more information, visit this www-site:
...or contact the GURT staff at the address below:
e-mail: gurtguvax.bitnet or *
voice: 202/687-5726 * fax: 202/687-0699


 Georgetown University Round Table
 on Languages and Linguistics 1996

 Linguistics, language acquisition, and language variation:
 Current trends and future prospects

 March 14 - March 16, 1996


 Thursday, March 14, 1996

Opening remarks
 James E. Alatis, Chair, Georgetown University Round Table

Dedication of Conference to Earl Stevick, Independent Researcher

Plenary Address
 David Crystal, University of Wales, Bangor
 "Playing with linguistic problems from Orwell to Plato and
 back again"


 Friday, March 15 and Saturday, March 16, 1996


Donna Lardiere and Andrea Tyler, Georgetown University

Anna Uhl Chamot, The George Washington University

Donna Christian, Center for Applied Linguistics

Mary Ann Christison, Snow College

Reinhold Freudenstein, IFS der Philipps-Universitaet, Marburg/Lahn,

Braj Kachru, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Yamuna Kachru, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Stephen Krashen, University of Southern California

Michael Breen, Edith Cowan University, Australia

Ronald P. Leow, Georgetown University

Joan Morley, University of Michigan

Peter Patrick, Georgetown University

Theodore Rodgers, University of Hawaii and Bilkent University,
Ankara, Turkey

Renzo Titone, University of Rome, Italy and University of Toronto,

Walt Wolfram and Gail Hamilton, North Carolina State University
and Ocracoke School, North Carolina


Tutorial with Stephen Krashen, School of Education, University of
Southern California

This workshop will cover, and attempt to integrate, material
presented at Krashen's GURT presentations since 1989. It will
review evidence for and against the input hypothesis, the reading
hypothesis, applications of the input hypothesis to beginning
and intermediate language and literacy development, the role of
light reading, and applications to bilingual education.

For more information, please contact Carolyn A. Straehle,
Coordinator * GURT 1996 * Georgetown University
International Language Programs and Research * 306-U
Intercultural Center * Washington, DC 20057-1045
e-mail: gurtguvax.bitnet or *
voice: 202/687-5726 * fax: 202/687-0699
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