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Calls: Comparative Germanic ling, Chinese

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  1. "Kate Schmitt", Journal of Comparative Germanic Linguistics:Call for Papers
  2. jmwiedrullet.LeidenUniv.NL, Chinese

Message 1: Journal of Comparative Germanic Linguistics:Call for Papers

Date: Fri, 04 Oct 1996 14:16:29 EDT
From: "Kate Schmitt" <>
Subject: Journal of Comparative Germanic Linguistics:Call for Papers

 The Journal of Comparative Germanic Linguistics

 edited by Kenneth J. Safir, Rutgers University
 Gert Webelhuth, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The Journal of Comparative Germanic Linguistics provides a platform
for discussion of theoretical linguistic research into the modern and
older languages and dialects of the Germanic family. Contributions
that establish robust empirical generalizations within a formal theory
of grammar that permit precise discussion are welcome. The empirical
range of the work may either involve cross-linguistic comparison
within the Germanic family, or elucidate issues in Germanic
linguistics through the exemplary analysis of one Germanic language.
Papers dealing mostly with modern English are required to have strong
cross-Germanic implications. Areas of linguistics to be covered
include Morphology, Phonology, Pragmatics, Semantics and Syntax. The
journal will be published three times per year in the English
language. Squibs, replies, book and dissertation reviews as well as
researcher profiles will be included.

Editorial Board: Werner Abraham, Groningen University, The
Netherlands; Geert Booij, Free University, Amsterdam; Molly Diesing,
Cornell University; Elan Dresher, University of Toronto; Elisabet
Engdahl, University of Edinburgh, UK; Martin Everaert, Utrecht
University, The Netherlands; Hubert Haider, University of Saltzburg,
Germany; Wayne Harbert, Cornell University; Arild Hestvik, University
of Bergen, Norway; Erhard Hinrichs, University of Tuebingen, Germany;
Anders Holmberg, University of Tromso, Norway; Rene Kager, Utrecht
University, The Netherlands; Andreas Kathol, University of California,
Berkeley, USA; Ans van Kemenade, Free University, Amsterdam; Kirsti
Koch Christensen, University of Bergen, Norway; Tony Kroch, University
of Pennsylvania; Fred Landman, Tel Aviv University, Israel; Armin
Mester, University of California, Santa Cruz,USA; Ad Neelemann,
Utrecht University, The Netherlands; John Nerbonne, Groningen
University, The Netherlands; Klaus Netter, DFKI, Germany; Marga Reis,
University of Tuebingen, Germany; Eric Reuland, Utrecht University,
The Netherlands; Beatrice Santorini, Northwestern University, USA;
Mark Steedman, University of Pennsylvania, USA; Hskulder Thr insson,
University of Iceland; Sten Vikner, University of Stuttgart, Germany;
Jan-Wouter Zwart, Groningen University, The Netherlands
 Please send submissions to:

 The Journals Editorial Office
 Journal of Comparative Germanic Linguistics
 Kluwer Academic Publishers
 101 Philip Drive
 Norwell, MA 02061
 phone: 617 871-6600
 fax: 617 871-6528
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Message 2: Chinese

Date: Sun, 06 Oct 1996 14:14:39 BST
From: jmwiedrullet.LeidenUniv.NL <jmwiedrullet.LeidenUniv.NL>
Subject: Chinese
Sixth International Conference on Chinese Linguistics
Leiden, 19-21 June 1997

Since its foundation in 1992, the International Association of Chinese
Linguistics (IACL) has convened annual conferences in Singapore,
Paris, Hong Kong, Madison and Hsin-chu. Leiden University, with its
long traditions in sinology and in linguistics, is proud to organize
this event in 1997.

The Sixth International Conference on Chinese Linguistics (ICCL-6)
will be held in Leiden, Holland, from 19 to 21 June 1997. The
conference is organized by Rint Sybesma and Jeroen Wiedenhof of the
Sinological Institute, Leiden University, in close cooperation with
the Inter- national Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS) . The IIAS also
acts as the main sponsor of the event.

True to the IACL tradition, the Leiden ICCL-6 conference welcomes
papers on a wide variety of topics, such as syntax, phonology,
historical linguistics, dialect studies, language teaching, and first
and second language acquisition. We aim at providing anyone working in
Chinese linguistics with an opportunity to present their work and to
keep up with recent developments.

The ICCL-6 conference theme will be:


Due to the great number of different Chinese languages and dialects,
large areas of terra incognita are still to be explored. At the same
time, students of Chinese linguistics, like linguists anywhere, are
faced with a barrage of methods and theories.

Our conference theme covers both types of diversity. Keynote papers
will reflect the rich variety of Chinese languages and a wide range of
linguistic disciplines. As Leiden University has traditions in both
theoretical and descriptive linguistics, the organizers hope to make
ICCL-6 a meeting place for linguists working in different and often
complementary approaches to human language.

We welcome original papers on all aspects relevant to Chinese
linguistics. Our deadline for abstracts is 31 December 1996. Please
send us one camera-ready copy indicating your name and affiliation,
and four anonymous copies. Abstracts may be written in English or
Chinese and should be limited to one page only (A4 or legal size). We
cannot accept abstracts sent to us by email or fax. Please send your
contributions to the address indicated below.

ICCL-6 invites young scholars who wish to compete for the 1997 Young
Scholar Award to submit their papers. The competition is open for IACL
members aged 35 or below (by 19 June 1997) who do not hold positions
equal to or exceeding the rank of Associate Professor (US/Chinese
system), Senior Lecturer (British system) or UHD (Dutch system). Proof
of age and rank must be provided. Finalists will be given subsidies to
attend ICCL-6, where the award will be presented. Papers are due 31
December 1996 and should be

- single-authored;
- original, unpublished and not yet accepted for publication;
- in English or Chinese;
- 15 pages maximum, with a 1 page abstract.

Please send us five anonymous copies and one copy indicating your name
and affiliation.

Undergraduates and Ph.D. students whose abstracts are accepted are
eligible for a modest travel grant. Please indicate on your abstract
if you are interested in such a grant. Proof of enrollment in an
institution of higher education must be provided with your request.

Our deadline for registration is 15 April 1997. The conference fee
will be Dfl. 50.00 (approximately US$ 30.00), to be paid upon arrival
in Leiden. Please contact us at the address below and we will keep you
informed. Notifications of acceptance of conference papers will be
sent out in early March 1997. Our second circular is due 15 March 1997
and will include a preliminary program.

- ICCL-6 will be held at the Sinological Institute, Leiden University,
 from 19 to 21 June 1997
- abstracts are due 31 December 1996
- Young Scholar Award submissions are likewise due 31 December 1996
- the conference fee is Dfl. 50.00 (approximately US$ 30.00)
- the conference registration deadline is 15 April 1997
- welcome to Leiden!

ICCL-6 Organizing Committee
Sinological Institute, Leiden University
P.O. Box 9515, 2300 RA Leiden, the Netherlands

telephone: 31-71-527 2227
fax: 31-71-527 4162
web page:
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