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  1., O-Hayo Sensei #17 (10/1/96)

Message 1: O-Hayo Sensei #17 (10/1/96)

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Subject: O-Hayo Sensei #17 (10/1/96)
The Newsletter of (English) Teaching Jobs in Japan
Published Bi-Weekly
ISSN 1077-0313

1996 #17

Publication Date 10/1/96
(Next Issue 10/16/96)

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Sixteen New Teaching Positions

Fukuoka JALT Internet Workshop

Asia-Related Internet Resources

The Classifieds

Schools/Employers from the OH Databases
(Subscriber Edition Only)

How to Call and Write

Current Exchange Rates

Airfare Watch

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How much is that salary in...?

US = 111 yen Australia = 88 yen
Canada = 82 yen Franc = 22 yen
Pound = 174 yen Hong Kong = 14 yen
Peso = 15 yen Mark = 73 yen

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You may find a better deal, but don't settle for worse.

OCTOBER Departure

San Francisco --> Tokyo $565
 --> Osaka $585

Los Angeles --> Tokyo/Osaka $617

New York/Chicago --> Tokyo/Osaka $854

*Korean Air, 1-year open ticket, round trip

(source: HIS International Tours, San Francisco)

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NATIVE ENGLISH TEACHER. Full-time, 40 hours/week,
M-F. 250,000yen/month (plus commission). Age 25-35. Plan and execute
English language curriculum for children (60%) and adults
(40%). University degree, teaching experience, EFL/ESL certification
required. Sponsorship available. "Mature genuine applicants only."
Furnished apartment provided at 35,000yen/month. Two weeks paid
vacation at Christmas and all national holidays. Renewable one-year
located in a non-urban area by the Sato Inland Sea." Apply by fax with
recent photo, letters of reference and certifications. (If using ATT:
wait for the fax machine to connect, listen for a rotary hum, then
press fax button -- wait too long and you'll get a recorded message in
Japanese.) Contact Kevin Mushinsky, Director. K&F English
Academy. 6-18-201, Chuo 4-chome, Takehara-shi, Hiroshima
725. 846-22-2948 (1:30-9pm). Fax 846-22-2948 (24 hrs).

ENGLISH TEACHER. Full-time, 35 hours/week (20 hours
teaching). 3,000,000yen/year. Teach conversation to "mainly children
under six years-old." University degree (specialization in Education),
teaching certification and at least one year experience
required. TESL/ESL certification preferred. Sponsorship
available. Training provided. Accommodation available at $430/month
(including electricity, gas and water). Two-year renewable
contract. Paid holidays, completion bonus, travel allowance, and paid
vacation. Apply by fax with resume, letter and photo. Contact
Ms. Mikiko Nakamoto. Aim English Studio. 188 Koencho, 2-cho, Hamadera
Sakai, Osaka 592. 722-63-0890. Fax 722-62-3869.

days/week. $10/hour. Female, American, age 22-24. "Teach, chat, play
and sing with children in English." University degree, ESL
certification, proper visa, some Japanese speaking ability, and one
year teaching experience required. 30,000yen housing allowance.
Six-month contract. Position begins April, 1997. Apply by mail or fax
with resume, photo, letter and age. Contact Katsumi Tani,
Director. Tani Kids Plaza. 16-1, Todoikeyama, Uji-city, Kyoto
611. 0776-22-3565. Fax 0776-24-1308.

hours/week. 250,000yen/month. "Female preferred." Teach all ages,
including company classes and private lessons. University degree
(specialization in Education or TESL) required. Experience preferred.
One-week training program. Will sponsor or renew visa. Paid holidays,
completion bonus, and paid vacation. One-year renewable
contract. Apply by mail with resume, diploma, letter, and
photo. Contact Ms. Sukegawa. Oliya International House. 1-2-50,
Higashihara, Mito City 310. 029-233-3077.

SELF-ESTEEM COACH. Full-time. "Coach small groups of elementary-aged
Japanese children in self-esteem issues. Crafts, games and outdoor
leadership." "Seeking a woman applicant to assist with girl's
counseling/leadership." University degree (specialization in Education
or Psychology), Japanese language ability and drivers license
required. Classroom experience preferred. Training provided. Paid
holidays, moving allowance and paid vacation. One-year renewable
contract. Apply by mail, fax, telephone or in-person with resume and
letter. Application deadline ASAP. Contact Charlie Stratton. I Can.
1-8-10 Kodo-cho, Joetsu, Niigata 943. 0255-24-0173. Fax 0255-22-4618.

LANGUAGE INSTRUCTOR. Full-time, 40 hours/week (23
teaching/week). 250-270,000yen/month. "Teach conversational English to
students using the school's unique teaching program." Teach all ages
in private lessons, company classes and social clubs. University
degree required. MA, experience teaching in Japan or Asia, other
language ability (in addition to English), and TESL/ESL, RSA or
teaching certification preferred. Training provided. Will sponsor or
renew visa. "Key money is pre-paid, furniture included (all major
items plus phone and air conditioner)." Paid holidays, completion
bonus, and paid vacation. One-year renewable contract. "Preference
will be shown to career professionals." Apply by mail, fax, phone or
in-person with resume, diploma, letter, photo, teaching certificates
and letters of recommendation. Contact Joshua L. Battain. Crossroads
Ltd. 9-9 2-chome, Katsuyama-cho, Matsuyama-shi, Ehime
790. 089-921-7595. Fax 089-921-7856. E-mail

ENGLISH TEACHER. Part-time, 4:15 to 6:15. Teach children. At
Kichijouji School. Apply by fax with resume and letter of
recommendation. Contact Mr. Morota. Nissait English School. 1-15-3
Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo. 03-3989-2111. Fax
03-3989-2110. E-mail

classes/week. Teach English conversation at the university
level. "Miyazaki Medical College is a national university; personable,
thoroughly professional atmosphere; students come from all parts of
Japan, highly capable." Native speaker of English, MA or PhD (in
English language or literature, or ESL/EFL, or Japanese language,
literature or culture) required. College teaching experience
(especially in Japan), some Japanese ability, and TESL/ESL, teaching,
or RSA certification preferred. Will sponsor or renew visa. Research
allowance, housing subsidy, paid holidays and vacation. "Travel
expenses will be reimbursed on arrival in Miyazaki." One-year
contract, renewable up to five years. Application deadline: all
materials must be received by January 10, 1997. Position begins April
1, 1997. Apply (by REGISTERED MAIL) with: detailed CV with photograph,
list of publications, copies of three publications (with 500-word
abstracts), copy of degrees, health certificate (issued by national or
public hospital or health clinic), and at least two letters of
recommendation. Send application materials to: Dr. Tamotsu Morimitsu,
President, Miyazaki Medical College, 5200 Kihara, Kiyotake-cho,
Miyazaki-gun, Miyazaki-ken 889-16. For further information phone or
fax Dr. John Kimball at 0985-85-3595 or e-mail

ENGLISH TEACHER. Full-time. Sponsorship available. In
Sendai. Position begins October, 1996. Contact John. STAR Multimedia
Center. 022 227-4341. Fax: 022 262-8109. E-mail

ENGLISH TEACHER. Full-time, 30 teaching
hours/week. 250,000yen/month. "Age is not a factor here." Teach
English to all ages (50 or so students) juku/conversation school.
BA/BA (specialization in Liberal Arts or TEFL/TESL) required. "Ashiya
is a VERY upscale neighborhood (between Kobe and Osaka) so a high
level of "savoir faire" in dress and conduct is expected." MA/MS,
TESL/ESL certification, and two years teaching experience
preferred. "Intermediate knowledge of Japanese (Japanese proficiency
test grade 3 or equivalent) helpful." Training provided. Will sponsor
or renew visa. Accommodation included ("Large, first floor of house
adjacent to school, rent is free, teacher pays all utilities"). Paid
holidays and vacation. "Ability to lead a free conversation, without
dominating it, is essential." APPLICANT MUST CURRENTLY RESIDE IN
JAPAN. One-year renewable contract. Application deadline October 20,
1996. Position begins November 1, 1996. Contact Rob Richardson. Apply
by e-mail, fax, mail, or telephone (listed in order of preference)
with CV/resume, diploma(s), letter and photo. La Vie En Rose
Eigokan. 659 Hyogo, Ashiya-shi, Tsukiwaka 1-2. 0797-35-9595. Fax
0797-35-0595. E-mail

EFL TEACHERS. Full time, 8:30-4:30, 5 days/week, class load 13 or
more/wk. 270,000 or 300,000yen/month. Native speaker. Teach in an
integrated, content-based program (reading, writing, listening,
speaking) -- the International and Cultural Studies Course in private
high school. Teach oral communication to the Sports, Honors, and
Regular Course. Team planning, curriculum development, committee work,
and participation in school events. BA or BS (specialization in
Education, TESL, or Linguistics), good interpersonal communication
skills, drivers license, Japanese speaking ability (at the high
beginner-level), two years teaching experience, and experience working
with Japanese required. TESL/ESL, teaching, or RSA certificate, and
MA, preferred. Training provided. Sponsorship provided. Position
includes travel allowance, moving allowance, housing allowance and
bonus. One-year renewable contract. "Minimum 2-year commitment. Must
be able to interview and do classroom observation in Japan." Position
begins: April 1, 1997. Apply by mail with CV/Resume, two letters of
recommendation, statement of purpose and three references. Contact
Lori Zenuk-Nishide. Kyoto Nishi High School. 37 Naemachi Yamanouchi,
Ukyo-ku, Kyoto 615. 075-321-0712. Fax 075-322-7733. E-mail

ASSOCIATE OR FULL PROFESSOR. Two 12-month, full-time faculty
positions. Teach Health Affairs Management/Management of Social
Services at the undergraduate level and establish a research
program. Expertise in all aspects of management of nonprofit
businesses required. Midterm holidays, two six-week vacations,
allowance for housing and local transportation, health insurance and
allotment for research, travel and books included. Four-year
contracts. Positions begin April 1, 1998. Apply with letter of
application, CV, and three references. Contact Professor Elenore
Koch, International Coordinator. Kake Education Institution. 11-30
Kawanishi Cho, Kurashiki, Okayama 710.

NATIVE ENGLISH TEACHERS. Female. Teach English at instructor's
homes. Proper visa required. Apply with resume. Amie English
School. 1-8-13, Minaminaruse, Machida, Tokyo 194. 0427-24-4667.

ENGLISH INSTRUCTORS. Full- and part-time. Native English speakers and
Japanese speakers (eiken jun-1-kyu or equivalent
preferred). University degree and proper visa required. Sponsorship
available for full-time positions. Interview in Nagoya. Apply with
resume, cover letter and photo by mail or fax. Gakken School
Management (GSM). Dogenzaka Suyama Bldg. 8F., 2-10-12, Dogenzaka,
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150. Fax 03-3496-3811.

EFL POSITIONS. At junior/senior high school. Native English speakers
(with experience living/working in Japan) and native Japanese speakers
(with experience living/studying in an English-speaking country). MA
in TESOL (or related field) and ability to use English and Japanese in
a professional setting. Application deadline October 20,
1996. Positions begin April, 1997. Apply with resume, cover letter,
transcripts, copies of degrees and 2-3 recommendations. Contact Paul
Gibson, English Department Chairman. Keio Shonan Fujisawa. 5466, Endo,
Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa. Fax 0466-47-5078.

NATIVE ENGLISH TEACHERS. Also other language teachers. Apply with
resume and photo. Okachi Bldg. 4F, 3-7-29, Sakae, Naka-ku,
Nagoya. 052-243-0289. Fax 052-242-5210.

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ENGLISH TEACHER. Part-time (four classes). Teach
listening/speaking/writing to English majors. Native English speaker,
BA or MA in related field, teaching certificate and L2 teaching
experience required. Application deadline October 15, 1996. Apply with
English resume and copies of diplomas/transcripts. Contact Professor
N. Saito, Head of Department of English. Wayo Women's
Jr. College. Konodai 2-3-1, Ichikawa-shi, Chiba 272.

EFL TEACHERS. Full-time, thirteen 45-minute classes, five days/week.
270-300,000yen/month. Teach reading, writing, listening and speaking
in Japanese high school; plan curriculum; and develop
materials. Native speaker English ability, university degree, and TEFL
or equivalent experience. Two-year commitment. Moving allowance,
bonus, transportation, housing allowance and sponsorship
included. Positions begin April 1, 1997. Apply with resume, three
references, two letters of recommendation and statement of
purpose. Contact Lori Zenuk-Nishide. Kyoto Nishi High School. 37
Naemachi, Yamanouchi, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto 615.

EFL INSTRUCTORS. Full-time, 20 contact hours/week, 30
weeks/year. 250,000yen/month. Teach university-level EFL classes in
listening, speaking, writing and reading. TESOL certificate or MA (or
equivalent experience) required. Furnished housing. One-year renewable
contract. Position begins April 1997. Apply with resume and letter of
interest. Contact Joy Williams. Keiwa College. 1270 Tomizuka,
Shibata, Niigata 957. 0254-26-3636. Fax 0254-26-3646.

LECTURER. Full-time, six 90-minute classes/week. Teach speaking,
reading and writing. Native speaker competency in English; MA in
English, American Studies, TESOL or related fields; academic
publications; and "experience in writing academic papers and
competency to teach courses in same" required. Research fund. Two-year
renewable contract. Application deadline October 31, 1996. Apply with
CV and list of academic achievements within two A-4-size sheets.
Write "Position A" on envelope. Contact Naoko Fuwa Thornton, Chair,
Department of English. Japan Women's University. 2-8-1, Mejirodai,
Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 122. Tel/fax 03-3942-6131.

ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR/PROFESSOR. Full-time. British background
preferred. Teach two graduate classes (Renaissance literature and
research methodology) and four under-grad classes (modern novel,
British studies, thesis writing and conversation). Ph.D. in English
Literature, publications and teaching experience required. Research
fund. Three-year renewable contract. Application deadline October 31,
1996. Apply with CV and list of academic achievements. Write "Position
B" on envelope. Contact Naoko Fuwa Thornton, Chair, Department of
English. Japan Women's University. 2-8-1, Mejirodai, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
122. Tel/fax 03-3942-6131.

LECTURER. 5-7,000,000yen/year. Age to 35. Native English speaker
(British preferred). Teach English language/literature to undergrads
and grads, and supervise dissertations. MA in English, Linguistics, or
English Education required. Furnished housing available. One-year
renewable contract. Application deadline November 8, 1996. Position
begins April 1, 1997. Apply with CV, publications and the names of 3
referees. Contact Professor Niro Tanikawa. Faculty of Humanities,
Kumamoto University. Kumamoto 860. Fax 096-342-2448. E-mail

PROFESSOR AND INSTRUCTOR. Two full-time positions, four-six 90-minute
classes/semester. Teach ESL and Linguistics, develop course materials,
participate in group projects, committee work, and research. Ph.D. in
TESOL/TEFL/Applied Linguistics (syntax) or related field, BS in
computer science (or knowledge of computer science), 3-5 years
TESL/TEFL experience, and ability to teach English for Specific
Purposes in computer science and engineering. Subsidized furnished
housing, OW airfare and shipping included. Application deadline
October 31, 1996. Positions begin April 1, 1997. Apply with resume
(education, publication list, teaching experience), cover letter
requesting application, three letters of recommendation, graduate
transcripts, and statement on: a proposal for achieving effective
results in English education using computer facilities, such as
workstations; evidence of effective results through your teaching
experience, or a pedagogical approach you would propose for teaching
with computers; examples of education syllabi and handouts; evidence
of your experience in using computers, such as workstations, or your
plan to acquire such ability, and research interests. Contact Hisako
Murakawa, Director of the Center for Language Research. The University
of Aizu. Tsuruga, Ikki-machi, Aizu-Wakamatsu City, Fukushima,
965-80. 0242-37-2594. Fax 0242-37-2599. E-mail

ASSISTANT PROFESSOR. Teach ancient/medieval Japanese history and/or
Japanese cultural interactions with the Asian mainland in either
English or Japanese. Ph.D. required. Application deadline October 31,
1996. Position begins April or September 1997. Contact Norie
Takazawa, Dept of History, Social Sciences Division. International
Christian University. Osawa 3-10, Mitaka-ku, Tokyo 181. Fax

LANGUAGE CONSULTANT. Full-time, 18-25 teaching
hours/week. 250,000yen/month (guaranteed minimum). Age over 25. US,
Canadians, UK, Australians and New Zealanders. Teach company/business
classes (some Jr High School AET positions). BA and two years
post-graduate business or technical experience required. Background
in Engineering, Computing, Health Science and Management "highly
regarded." TEFL/TESOL experience and/or certification
preferred. Training provided. Sponsorship available. Paid holidays,
completion bonus and health insurance. One-year contract. Positions
begin spring 1997 (positions available in ten branches). Apply with
resume, letter, essay stating why you want to teach in Japan, and
diploma by mail or fax. "Fall recruiting trips coming soon in North
America." Contact Recruiting Department. Interac Co. Ltd. Fujibo
Building 2F, 2-10-28 Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102. 03-3234-7857
(10-4). Fax 03-3234-6055.

LECTURER. Full-time, 6-7 classes/week. "Salary will be determined in
accord with the age, education, and professional experience of the
successful applicant. A 36-year-old person with eight years of
teaching experience and a Ph.D. in hand, for example, could expect to
earn over 9 million yen per year." Teach English at the university
level, with an emphasis on oral communicative skills, to undergraduate
students as a tenure-track faculty member, attend faculty meetings,
serve on committees, etc. MA, with specialization in TESL or related
field, native English speaker level of skill in both spoken and
written English, and intermediate level of proficiency in both written
and spoken Japanese required. Ph.D., ESL/TESL certification, and
fluency in Japanese preferred. Sponsorship available. One-way airfare
for applicant and all dependents, 312,000yen/year travel allowance,
350,000yen/year research allowance, and up to 1,000,000/yen computer
budget. "Kumamoto Gakuen University does not distinguish between
Japanese and non-Japanese faculty. Accordingly, all full-time faculty
members begin their employment with the Japanese equivalent of
tenure. The successful applicant will begin as a lecturer (koshi) but
will have the same opportunities for advancement as other faculty
members." Application deadline October 31, 1996. Position begins:
April 1, 1997. Application info available by e-mail or telephone.
Applications must be sent by ordinary mail. Apply with CV/resume;
university and graduate school transcripts (if not included in the
transcripts, evidence of completion of degrees should also be
submitted); essay describing experience studying and using the
Japanese language; copies of three academic papers; and report from
physician on current state of health. Contact Kirk Masden. Kumamoto
Gakuen University. 2-5-1 Oe, Kumamoto 862. 096-364-5161. Fax
096-372-0702. E-mail

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FUKUOKA JALT INTERNET WORKSHOP Interesting in putting the net to
practical use? Then Fukuoka JALT's workshop "Using the Internet for
Language Education" might be for you. Presented from 11:00am-5:30pm
on Sunday, November 17, at the Aso Foreign Language Travel College
(Hakataekiminami 2-12-24 Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi), it will feature
speakers in both English and Japanese. 1000yen -- free for JALT (Japan
Association for Language Teaching) members. Visit the Fukuoka JALT
homepage <>; for more info.

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PENPALS/FRIENDSHIP Would like to make friends and correspond with
Japanese people over the Net. I'm Interested in travel,culture,
photography, computers. Contact Andy on

EMPLOYMENT WANTED Canadian, female, Bachelor of Science degree in
Travel Industry Management and Masters of Arts degree in
Organizational Change seeking position teaching english in
Japan. Available February 1997. Please contact or (808)

American male, 24, would like to teach EFL in Japan, starting 1997. 2
1/2 years experience teaching languages and other subjects. Curriculum
Development Coordinator, Beloit Academy. BA in Modern Languages and
Teaching Foreign Languages. TESL Certificate. Email <>;

ESL Teacher,BA in English, Diploma in Tessol, Diploma of Film studies,
Certificate in adult teaching, former television presenter, searching
position in Japan with ten year old daughter. Contact

Canadian couple seeks FT English Instructor positions. Female: 25,
B.A., TESL certificate, plus 2 years experience. Male: 23, B.A., TESL
certificate. Both speak french as well. Looking for work in a smaller
city. Available October 15, 1996. e-mail: or Ramona
Parent Box 17, Breynat, AB, Canada T0A 0P0 (403)771-2162

Australian male, 32. Master of Education in TESOL (Merit),
Dip.Education, B.A. Lecturer at Sydney University. 7 years EFL
experience - 5 years EFL in Japan. Seeks full-time English teaching
position at tertiary institution from Apr.1997. Experience in
Academic/Business/General/Specific Purposes
English/Conversation. Intermediate Japanese language skills. E-mail

American male, 35, BA, RSA Cert., M.Ed. TESL, 8 years teaching
experience, 5 in Japan. Currently teaching in ESP program for medical
students. Looking for university position to begin spring 1997,
preferably in Kansai area. Email:; Fax

English/Math/Communications/Typing/Science Tokyo. Experienced,
trained, graduate - mature. -- Jim Sinclair,T.O.P.N.Z.,Pvte Bag 31914,
Lower Hutt, New Zealand. Ph+64 4 5705506, Fax+64 4 560

Recent M.A. in TESOL graduate looking for College/University job in
Osaka, Kyoto, or Tokyo. Two years teaching experience. Interests are
Critical Pedagogy, the Internet, and Fluency oriented approaches. Gary

American male, 32 years old and currently living in Japan, seeks
employment in a Japanese University or other institution of Higher
Education. I have an MA in English and American Literature, and I have
two years experience teaching writing at the university
level. Contact:

American couple looking for Japan opportunity. She has degree in
Marine Biology, Library assistant certificate. He has three years
college, experience in computer support, documentation. Will tutor

Married native speaker of English looking for English Teaching Job
from September 1st. MEd degree, Cert. TEFL, 3 years teaching in
Japan. Private school or University preferred. Contact :

Qualified native English-speaking teacher,female,25 years' experience
teaching English conversational skills (TESOL/TEFL) to children &
adults. Also Music & Drama teacher. Currently Head of Dept of Music
at private school. Would like teaching experience in Japan for at
least one year. Please reply e-mail

25 year-old American male with BA and MA (12/96) in English seeks
position at Japanese college, univeristy, or community
college. University level teaching experience. E-mail

Canadian male, 32, BA, MA(Econ), MBA is very interested in teaching
conversational English in Japan. University and Community College
teaching experience (economics). Background in financial and economic

KOBE/OSAKA area position desired. Qualifications: MA (Rotary
International Scholar), TEFL, experience teaching in Hyogo on the JET
Programme. I am an American male (26) enthusiastic about
teaching. Please contact me at:

24-year old, American Female seeking teaching ESL position in
Kanagawa-ken or Tokyo area, starting October 1996. Housing
arrangements not needed. I have some experience in ESL tutoring and
have worked with both children and adults. I would like to work in
Japan for at least 1-2 years. I hold an American B.S. Degree in
Psychology. I am a resonsible, reliable and a dedicated worker.
Please email Monica Peper at

Technical writer and former Kansai Matsushita instructor seeks editing
work via mail or e-mail. Excellent references available. Send e-mail
inquiries to

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qualifications, but don't sell yourself short. Mention any teaching
experience. If you know Japanese, say so. Enthusiasm counts. Indicate
that you plan to stay in Japan for a long while. If you include a
photo, make it a good one. Above all, be clean and neat. Include a
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phrase (cut-and-paste, if you can):

get position form

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and we'll send the form back by e-mail.

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O-Hayo Sensei not only welcomes your comments and correspondence, but
is interested in publishing your experiences living and teaching in
Japan. What do you wish somebody had told/warned you about? If you
loved something, if you hated something, if you have just one great
tip -- let us know. All (hard copy) manuscripts, tips, suggestions and
submissions must be accompanied by a self addressed, stamped envelope,
if you want them returned.

Please address all correspondence to:
Editor, O-Hayo Sensei, 1032 Irving Street, Suite 508,
San Francisco, California, 94122 USA.

Fax: 415-731-1113.

E-mail questions, requests and comments to:

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Good Luck!

Lynn Cullivan
O-Hayo Sensei, The Newsletter of English Teaching Jobs in Japan
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