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Books: Anthropology, Austronesian Lgs: Kadai, North Sulawesi

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  1., Anthropology, Austronesian Lgs: Kadai, North Sulawesi

Message 1: Anthropology, Austronesian Lgs: Kadai, North Sulawesi

Date: Mon, 07 Oct 1996 11:26:00 CDT
From: <>
Subject: Anthropology, Austronesian Lgs: Kadai, North Sulawesi


Marilyn Gregerson and Joyce Sterner, editors; KINSHIP AND SOCIAL
ORGANIZATION IN IRIAN JAYA; Pb. ISBN: 1-55671-009-7. Summer Institute
of Linguistics.

This new publication, edited by Gregerson and Sterner, explores
aspects of seven indigenous cultures in Irian Jaya,
Indonesia. Articles deal with such topics as competition, rivalry,
marriage and kinship, mutual obligation, and social interaction. The
contributors write from their personal observation and research among
indigenous peoples they discuss.


Jerold A. Edmondson and David B. Solnit, editors;COMPARATIVE KADAI:
THE TAI BRANCH; Pb. ISBN: 1-55671-005-4; Summer Institute of
Linguistics and The University of Texas at Arlington.

This volume deals with features of languages in the Tai
family. The fourteen articles include discussion of Zuang, Bouyai, Dai
Tho, Tay Tac, Thai, and Shan.

Dr. Edmondson has extensive experience as a field linguist in China,
Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), and Viet Nam. He is currently Chair of the
Linguistics Department of the University of Texas at
Arlington. Dr. Solnit is a field worker and linguist for minority
languages of East and Southeast Asia. He is currently in China on a
grant from the Committee for Scholarly Commumications with China.

Scott Merrifield and Martinus Salea; NORTH SULAWESI LANGUAGE SURVEY;
Pp. ISBN: 0-55671-000-3. Summer Institute of Linguistics.

The authors present the classification and distribution of the
languages of North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Their work is based on
extensive and detailed study of the phonology and vocabulary of the
languages and dialects spoken in North Sulawesi. The study was
undertaken during visits to each subdistrict in the area. The purpose
of the survey was to determine how closely the languages are related
to each other, and to analyze dialect variation. Sociolinguistic
information is included.

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