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Sat Oct 12 1996

Qs: Searching for journal article, Rheto-romance

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  1. cassandre yvonne creswell, searching for journal article
  2. Kirk Sullivan, Rheto-romance

Message 1: searching for journal article

Date: Fri, 11 Oct 1996 17:26:52 CDT
From: cassandre yvonne creswell <>
Subject: searching for journal article

I am interested in finding a copy of the "Journal of English Language
and Literature" volume 30, (May 1989) in order to find a copy of
In-hee Jo's article "A unitary analysis of emphatic self-forms as
intensifying adverbs," (pp. 255-290) within it. This journal seems
extraordinarily hard to find, and if anyone has a copy available from
which they could make a photocopy, I would really appreciate it.

Cassandre Creswell
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
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Message 2: Rheto-romance

Date: Sat, 12 Oct 1996 15:34:08 +0200
From: Kirk Sullivan <>
Subject: Rheto-romance

We currently have an exchange student at our university
whose first language is Rheto-romance. This is a language
which I know nothing about and have managed to find very
little about in the library. I would like to record this
student. However, I would like to record him so that I
could at some point analyze something interesting in the
language, or set it as a class exercise.

Does anyone know of any work on the phonetics or phonology
of rheto-romance or know of anyone who is currently
working on this language?

Many thanks for you help.

kirk Sullivan
Kirk Sullivan e-mail:
Phonetics tel: +46 90 16 9549
University of Umea fax: +46 90 16 6377
S-901 87 Umea
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