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Thu Oct 17 1996

Sum: German spelling reform

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  1. GAVIN O SHEA LINGUISTICS PG, spelling reform

Message 1: spelling reform

Date: Wed, 16 Oct 1996 14:51:20 BST
Subject: spelling reform

A number of months ago I posted a query on the German spelling reform,
which was then about to be introduced. On the 1st July the political
decisions were taken to eventually bring a reform about. Since
posting my query, there has been a constant trickle of enquiries
asking where further information is available. Therefore I have put
together the following _small_ list on the topic, of WWW addresses.

On the German reform, I have only been able to locate information in
German, at:

both of these include references to printed works. The only decent
article on the reform in English is in the Journal of the Simplified
Spelling Society, 1995, 2, 18-21; which is a translation of a Spiegel
interview. That society may publish a more up to date article in their
second issue for 1996.

If people are interested in similar proposals for English, you can
(that hyphen before the 'simpl' may be dot!)

and for foreign loans in Dutch and Norwegian respectively:


I hope this will be of help to some more people interested in the

Gavin O Se
Dept. Linguistics
Dublin 4 (
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