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Thu Oct 17 1996

Qs: English/Mandarin, Corpus databases, Paper by R. Hadel

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  1., Q: English/Mandarin loanword phonology
  2. Caulk Nathaniel Mc Re, Corpus databases
  3. "J. Arends", Paper by R. Hadel

Message 1: Q: English/Mandarin loanword phonology

Date: Wed, 16 Oct 1996 12:17:18 BST
From: <>
Subject: Q: English/Mandarin loanword phonology
From:	OXVAXD::WCLI 16-OCT-1996 12:15:45.33
Subj:	English/Mandarin loanword phonology

Dear all,

I am looking for references on English/Mandarin and Mandarin/English
loanword phonology, in particular, how speakers of northern varieties
of Chinese accommodate English "j" and "ch" (as in "jam" and
"cheese"), and how speakers of English (or other European languages)
accommodate the Chinese retroflex and alveopalatal consonants in the
phonological system of their mother tongue.

I would be grateful if anyone could point me to work already done on
the subject, or

if you are a native speaker of northern Chinese, whether you use the
Mandarin retroflex consonants for English "j" and "ch", or if you know
of any Mandarin speakers who do, and how common you think it is, or

if you are a native speaker of English (or any other European
language) learning Mandarin Chinese, whether you use the sounds "j"
and "ch" to replace the Mandarin retroflex initials, or if you have
heard this done by other learners of Mandarin, and how common you
think it is.


				Wenchao Li
				Lady Margaret Hall
				Oxford University
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Message 2: Corpus databases

Date: Wed, 16 Oct 1996 15:29:15 +0200
From: Caulk Nathaniel Mc Re <>
Subject: Corpus databases

The English Department of the University of Leipzig is starting a
project studying particle verbs both synchronic and dichronic, and
comparative (with German). We have corpus databases for German and old
and middle English, but still need one for studying current English
usage. If anyone knows of databases availible (or has assembled one)
we would greatly appreciate information on them - size, origin,
availibility, prices, if marked, etc.

Also, if you have done corpus database studies before (either English or
German) and would like to share your insights with us on using corpus
databases, search engines, etc., we would love to hear from you!


Nat Caulk
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Message 3: Paper by R. Hadel

Date: Thu, 17 Oct 1996 14:12:48 +0200
From: "J. Arends" <>
Subject: Paper by R. Hadel
Dear colleagues:

For my research on Lingua Franca I need a copy of an article by
Richard E. Hadel, entitled Modern creoles and Sabir, published in the
Folklore Annual of the University Folklore Association 1,
pp.35-43. This publication is nowhere available in the Netherlands. If
anyone could send me a xerox of the article I would be very
greatful. Any costs will be paid, of course. Thank you.

Jacques Arends
Algemene Taalwetenschap
Universiteit van Amsterdam
Spuistraat 210
1012 VT Amsterdam NL
phone: 31 20 5253862/31 71 216530
fax: 31 20 5253021/31 20 5253052
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