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Sat Oct 19 1996

Jobs: PhD studentship at Sheffield, ILLC graduate fellowships

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  1. mmalcolm crawford, Studentship available at Sheffield: The use of Automatic Speech Recognition by speech-impaired individuals
  2. Marco R. Vervoort, Illc Graduate Fellowships

Message 1: Studentship available at Sheffield: The use of Automatic Speech Recognition by speech-impaired individuals

Date: Fri, 18 Oct 1996 13:55:54 BST
From: mmalcolm crawford <>
Subject: Studentship available at Sheffield: The use of Automatic Speech Recognition by speech-impaired individuals
The Hawley Trust PhD Studentship

Topic :The use of Automatic Speech Recognition by Speech impaired

The aim of the project is to investigate the use of
Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) by disabled individuals for text
input and to control electronic equipment; specifically examining the
use of ASR with impaired speech. Commercially available ASRs will be
used and ASR development packages will be available. The success of
these systems with impaired speech will be assessed as well as `best'
strategies for use in the users day-to-day life. Failure or poor
performance of systems to work in some circumstances would lead to
analysis of these failures and, if the successful candidate is
appropriately skilled, investigation of novel technology (software or
hardware) to enhance the performance of the ASRs. Long term changes in
the users voice may also be considered.

The project will include a large element of clinical work. The
successful candidate will be required to work both at the University
and at Barnsley District General Hospital NHS Trust (some funding for
travel expenses will be available). The studentship is for stlg5,500
p.a. for three years and is available immediately.

Candidates should have

- 1.1/2.1 or a Masters degree in one of the following subjects

	Medical Physics, Computer Science, Speech, Physics, Electrical
	 or Electronic Engineering

	Good interpersonal communication skills, basic computing skills,
	experience/training in speech, image or pattern processing.

Desirable experience etc.
	Speech pathology, computer programming, task analysis,
	mathematics (especially statistics) .

	Driving License (and car owner)

The studentship is open to UK or EU candidates. Applicants should
send their CV and application to :

Dr. P. A. Cudd at the above address or by e-mail: and

Dr. M. S. Hawley, Department of Medical Physics, Barnsley District
General Hospital NHS Trust, Gawber Road, Barnsley, S75 2EP or e-mail:
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Message 2: Illc Graduate Fellowships

Date: Fri, 18 Oct 1996 15:21:28 +0200
From: Marco R. Vervoort <>
Subject: Illc Graduate Fellowships

 Logic, Computer Science, Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence
 at the
 University of Amsterdam
 The Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC) at the
 University of Amsterdam announces the opening of competition for its
 graduate fellowships for 1997 for interdisciplinary research training
 in the field of Logic, Computer Science, Mathematics and Artificial
 ILLC , the "Institute for Logic, Language and Computation" of the
 University of Amsterdam started its life in 1986 as an informal
 association of permanent staff members from the departments of
 Computer Science, Mathematics, and Philosophy, and the Department of
 computational linguistics from the Faculty of Humanities. ILLC carries
 out research in the interdisciplinary field of mathematics,
 linguistics, philosophy, computer science, and trains researchers in
 this field. ILLC is one of the main centers in its field in the world.
 ILLC has an international orientation, and attracts many guests,
 scholars and students from abroad. Complementary to ILLC's
 Ph.D.-program is its international Program Master of Logic 
 The Ph.D.-program
 As in most Ph.D. programs, the work in the Ph.D.-program is divided
 into two parts. Firstly, the student acquires a fairly broad but
 rigorous working knowledge in the field of logic and its applications.
 ILLC organizes this part of the Ph.D. program in cooperation with the
 Dutch Graduate School in Logic
 This school offers a national program of courses, colloquia, workshops
 and annual Ph.D.-conferences (all in English). Secondly, the student
 carries out original research and writes a dissertation under the
 guidance of two dissertation supervisors. During the first year of the
 program, the emphasis is on the first part, and from the second year
 onwards, the emphasis is on dissertation work.
 Tuition, stipend
 Graduate fellowships include tuition, and a cash stipend. Graduate
 stipends are annually renewable upon satisfactory performance up to a
 maximum of four years . Moreover, partial teaching assistant position
 are possible. ILLC also invites Ph.D.'s with a grant from other
 sources (e.g. research council) to apply for a supplementary partial
 ILLC-fellowship. Fellowships are intended to start on January 1, 1997,
 or, exceptionally, later in the year.
 - A master's degree or equivalent in computer science, mathematics,
 artificial intelligence. Candidates with a background in linguistics,
 philosophy, cognitive science will also be considered provided that
 they have an appropriate background in formal logic;
 - A strong background in the foundations of logic, and/or its
 applications in computer science, artificial intelligence or cognitive
 Candidates are invited to indicate their general area of interest,
 and/or to indicate interest in one of the sample projects below,
 and/or to suggest other, original projects that fit within the general
 interdisciplinary mission of the institute. Candidates are encouraged
 to consult the annual reports of the institute.
 Sample projects:
 Modal logic and algebraic logic
 Intuitionistic logic and arithmetic
 Connections between descriptive and algorithmic complexity
 Proof theory and logic programming
 Automated theorem proving
 Inductive inference and belief revision
 Visualisations of textual object-oriented models
 Algebraic formalization of grammar formalisms
 Faculty of ILLC
 Krzysztof Apt, Renate Bartsch, Johan van Benthem, Kees Doets, Peter
 van Emde Boas, Jeroen Groenendijk, Theo Janssen, Dick de Jongh,
 Michiel van Lambalgen, Remko Scha, Martin Stokhof, Leen Torenvliet,
 Anne Troelstra, Frank Veltman, Paul Vitanyi, Henk Zeevat
 Selection Committee
 Krzysztof Apt, Johan van Benthem, Jeroen Groenendijk, Dick de Jongh,
 Erik-Jan van der Linden.
 More information
 Dr. Dick de Jongh
 tel: + 31 20 5256061
 illc's home page 
 Your letter, together with a curriculum vitae, a list of marks, and a
 description of your general area of interest and/or specific projects
 (2 pages max.), with `strictly confidential' on the upper-left corner
 of the envelop, should be sent no later than November 15, 1996 to
 University of Amsterdam
 ILLC secretariat
 Plantage Muidergracht 24
 1018 TV Amsterdam
 The Netherlands
 Instead of hard copy you may send the relevant information as one
 LaTeX-file to
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