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Books: Computers & Lx, Discourse Analysis, Bibliographies

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  1., Computers & Linguistics, Discourse Analysis, Bibliographies

Message 1: Computers & Linguistics, Discourse Analysis, Bibliographies

Date: Mon, 07 Oct 1996 11:43:00 CDT
From: <>
Subject: Computers & Linguistics, Discourse Analysis, Bibliographies


LINGUALINK VERSION 1.0; 1996; $495.00 (Includes CD-ROM, printed
manual, and technical support.) 

LinguaLink employs cutting-edge technology to provide linguists with
an electronic production support system (EPSS) on CD-ROM for language
field work. It contains electronic "workshops" for Linguistics,
Literacy, Language learning, Sociolinguistics, and
Anthropology. Workshops contain tools for manipulating and analyzing
data, reference publications, advice from experts, and online
training. Pentium recommended.

LINGUALINKS LIBRARY VERSION 1.0; 1996; $99.00 (Includes CD-ROM,
printed LinguaLinks Library contains the elements of LinguaLinks
Version 1.0 except for the linguistic data management tools. It runs
on a 486 or a Macintosh 7.


Pb. ISBN: 0-88312-707-5; 196 pp.; $25.00. Summer Institute of
Linguistics and The University of Texas at Arlington.

Terry utilizes principles of discourse analysis, cultural
anthropology, and biblical studies to analyze this New Testament
text. For his analysis, he draws on concepts of text organization from
the work of Robert E. Longacre and Kenneth L. Pike. This study
demonstrates that discourse analysis is and important tool for the
study of texts, even ancient ones. Dr. Terry has formal training in
both biblical studies and discourse analysis and has had field
experience among the Navajos.


ARABIC LINGUISTICS BIBLIOGRAPHY 1979-1995. Compiled by Salman H. Al-Ani 
	& Dilworth B. Parkinson.104 pp. Prepaid orders by check or money 
	order $13.00 + $3.50 US, $5.00 CAN, $5.50 Other. IULC Publications,
	720 E. Atwater Ave., Bloomington IN 47401. <>
This bibliography is the result of a project initiated by the Arabic 
Linguistics Society. It covers selected works on a range of topics 
within Arabic linguistics published between 1979-1995. Titles cover 
historical approaches, phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, 
semantics, pragmatics, discourse, sociolinguistics, bilingualism, second 
language acquisition, and research on different varieties of Arabic. 
Sources include books, journal articles, dissertations, and works 
published in English, Arabic, French and German. 
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