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Sum: Drama And Discourse Analysis

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  1. "Mark Boardman", Summary: Drama And Discourse Analysis

Message 1: Summary: Drama And Discourse Analysis

Date: Fri, 25 Oct 1996 12:31:50 -0000
From: "Mark Boardman" <>
Subject: Summary: Drama And Discourse Analysis
Hi everyone.

Many months ago I posted a query about using the techniques of
discourse analyis to look at dialogue in fictional drama. Here is a
summary of the references which were very kindly sent to me. Many
thanks to all who helped.

1992, Barbara Stanley Ferrin: Dramatic Dialogue as Conversation: From
the Page to the Stage. DPhil, University of Ulster Library, Coleraine
Campus, N.Ireland.

Two pieces by Michael Toolan applying CA and Grice to dialogue in
*fiction* (one in Language and Communication, 1985; another in a
collection on style edited by D. Birch and L.M. O'Toole)

Geoffrey Leech, on Shaw, in a collection entitled Language, Text and

Michael Toolan, on DA (specifically, a version of speech act
categorization) applied to drama (forthcoming) in a collection on
stylistic approaches to drama edited by P.Verdonk; the piece is on C.
Churchill's Cloud Nine.

The journal *Language and Literature* (Longman, London), which has
several pragmatics-oriented pieces on various plays.

Burton, Deidre. 1980. Dialogue and discourse: A sociolinguistic
approach to modern drama dialogue and naturally occurring
conversation. London: Routledge and Kegan Paul.

Fowler, Roger. 1986. Linguistic criticism, Chapter 8, Some aspects of
dialogue. Oxford University Press; pp. 103-123.

Gautam, K. K. 1987. Pinter's The Caretaker--a study in conversational
analysis. Journal of Pragmatics. 11.49-59.

Hafez, O.M. 1991. Turn-taking in Egyptian Arabic--spontaneous speech
vs. drama dialogue. Journal of Pragmatics. 15.59-81.

Page, Norman. 1988. Speech in the English novel. 2nd ed.

Piazza R. 1988. Dramatic conversation: an exploratory application of
Burton's discourse model. New Ideas in Psychology. 6.103-111.

Short. J. H. 1980. Discourse analysis and the analysis of
drama. Applied Linguistics. 2.180-202.

Toolan, M. 1985. Analyzing fictional dialogue. Language and
communication. 5.193-206.

John Myhill: Typological discourse analysis. Blackwell 1992

Apologies for taking so long to post this summary!

Mark Boardman

Mark Boardman
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