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Tue Oct 29 1996

Qs: Imperatives, Lang of the blind, Clyne article

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  1. Kate Gladstone & Andrew Haber, Imperatives
  2. "A.T.C.Fox", Language of the blind
  3. Suzanne K. Hilgendorf, Q: searching for Clyne article

Message 1: Imperatives

Date: Mon, 28 Oct 1996 16:32:47 EST
From: Kate Gladstone & Andrew Haber <>
Subject: Imperatives
Does anyone know of a natural language in which the PRONOUN, not the
verb-form, changes to make a statement a command?

I should clarify that I do NOT mean a language like English where "you"
is replaced by -zero- to turn "You go" into "go", but a language in
which the pronoun would be replaced by a *different* pronoun

(as if English were to change "You go" into, say, "Koo go" to mean
"Go," or were to change "We go" into "Kee go" to mean "Let's go.")

Yours for better letters,

Kate Gladstone
Handwriting Repair
325 South Manning Boulevard
Albany, NY 12208-1731

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Message 2: Language of the blind

Date: 29 Oct 1996 14:53:58 GMT
From: "A.T.C.Fox" <lnp6atcfLUCS-MAC.NOVELL.LEEDS.AC.UK>
Subject: Language of the blind
Dear Linguist,

A blind student of mine is beginning a study of the language of blind
people. This is a potentially interesting and fruitful topic: blind
discourse lacks not only visual interaction between speakers but also
the visually-based assumptions and presuppositions (for example, about
colour) of sighted people. However, there seems to be very little
literature on the subject. Does anyone know of any relevant books or
articles to which the student can be directed? (For obvious reasons,
the student is not on e-mail, but the University of Leeds has
excellent brailling and recording services for blind students.) I
would be grateful for any suggestions.

Anthony Fox
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Message 3: Q: searching for Clyne article

Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 16:02:32 +0100
From: Suzanne K. Hilgendorf <>
Subject: Q: searching for Clyne article

I have been trying to acquire a copy of the following article for a
research project, with no success:

Clyne, Michael. "Bilingualism of the elderly." _Talanya_ 4 (1977):

The reference is taken from the bibliography for Coupland, Coupland
and Giles _Language, Society and the Elderly_, yet I've been unable to
confirm it in any of the standard bibliographies (MLA, Bibl
Linguistic, etc). Our library here does not carry the journal, and an
interlibrary loan request was unsuccessful - they were unable to
confirm the reference nor locate a copy of the journal.

Is there anyone out there who could confirm the reference or even
better send me a copy of the article (perhaps someone here in Germany
or Europe)? I'd be happy to reimburse any expenses for photocopying
and postage.

Many thanks in advance,

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Suzanne K. Hilgendorf
PhD student Oktober 1995 - Dezember 1996:
Dept of Germanic Langs & Lits Seminar fuer Deutsche Philologie
University of Illinois Georg-August-Universitaet
Urbana, IL 61801-3675 D-37073 Goettingen
USA Deutschland
 tel.: ++49/551/48 75 68
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