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Wed Oct 30 1996

Qs: Grammaticalization in ASL, Soda/Pop/Coke, Spanish dialects

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  1. Amy Leuchtmann, Resources on grammaticalization in ASL
  2. sjhodgesCCGATE.HAC.COM, Student Q: Soda/Pop/Coke/Cola
  3. Julio Felix-Brasderfer, Spanish dialects

Message 1: Resources on grammaticalization in ASL

Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 22:37:39 CST
From: Amy Leuchtmann <>
Subject: Resources on grammaticalization in ASL
To those in the know:

	I am a graduate student at Rice interested in ASL linguistics.
I would like to do some research on grammaticalization, but have had
trouble coming up with previous work in the area (i.e. In Joachim &
Prillwitz's 1993 Bibliog. of SL, there are very few listings, and many
of these are older, unpublished manuscripts...) Can anyone recommend
any (esp. recent) resources/research on grammaticalization (from a
linguistic point of view) in ASL?

	Please reply to me directly:

	Thanks in advance!
	Amy Leuchtmann
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Message 2: Student Q: Soda/Pop/Coke/Cola

Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 13:48:40 PST
From: sjhodgesCCGATE.HAC.COM <sjhodgesCCGATE.HAC.COM>
Subject: Student Q: Soda/Pop/Coke/Cola

I am a parttime first year Computational Linguistics graduate student
at Georgetown University, working on my first project/paper, which I
have chosen to be about North American isoglosses for sweet carbonated
beverages (soda, pop, coke, cola). In particular, I was hoping to
follow Labov's study on "sandwich" (hoagie, grinder), in which he used
telephone books from around the country, and draw inferences between
the two (as sodas and sandwiches are often found together physically,
are the words?), possibly even taking cues from his methods of
research. I was wondering anyone on this list knew of Labov's
research on "sandwich". The research may have been presented at NWAV
or LSA. I have been unable to get a response from him and have hit a
dead end trying to find his research on this subject.

This is only about a 15 page paper, and is due at the end of the
semester, so although I know I could spend much more time on it, I
probably need to keep a narrow scope in mind. If necessary, perhaps I
could expand upon it in future semesters. If you have any advice for
me, I would definitely appreciate it.

Simonie Hodges
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Message 3: Spanish dialects

Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 16:51:32 EST
From: Julio Felix-Brasderfer <>
Subject: Spanish dialects
Hello, everyone, 
	I am currently doing some research in ' Leones (Asturiano)
dialects' (Spanish dialects of Northern Spain). I am primarily
concerned with syntactic variation across dialects. IS anyone working
on this? Or if you have any suggestions of bibligraphy or any
comments, please get in touch with me at:
I'd appreciate anu comment.
Thanks. Julio
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