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Wed Nov 6 1996

Sum: Company names and acronyms

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  1. Lena Santamarta, sum: company names and acronyms

Message 1: sum: company names and acronyms

Date: Mon, 04 Nov 1996 12:55:59 +0100
From: Lena Santamarta <>
Subject: sum: company names and acronyms

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Last May a posted a request for information about research on company
names and acronyms. I would like to thank the following people for 

Warren A. Brewer <>
Thomas Gloning <>
Francois Yvon <>
Nancy Underwood <>
Gila Zadok <>
Dr. Michal Ephratt <RHLH702UVM.HAIFA.AC.IL>
Mats Eeg-Olofsson <>
Andreas Westerhoff <>

This summary is a selected list of what I found interesting. Some of
the references I got are not included in the summary either because I
didn't find them interesting for my approach or because I don't know
the language they are written on (as German).

I would specially like to thanks Andreas Westerhoff and Gila Zadok for
sharing their work and knowledge with me.

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pp. 329-347

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l'Universit E9 de Paris X-Nanterre.
For more information see:

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Natura Sonorum, pp. 144-172.

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Yvon, F.. (1996), "Lire les sigles : pour une approche E0 base de 
contrainte", acte du s E9minaire "Lexique et Communication Parl E9e" du 
May be downloaded from:

Lena Santamarta
Telia Promotor AB
Solna - Sweden

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