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Thu Nov 7 1996

Sum: In the matter of "cluck" click

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  1. Miguel Carrasquer Vidal, "cluck" click

Message 1: "cluck" click

Date: Mon, 04 Nov 1996 19:09:53 PST
From: Miguel Carrasquer Vidal <>
Subject: "cluck" click
Dear linguists,

In the matter of the "cluck" click, my thanks to Lance Eccles, 
Marc Picard and Bonny Sands, who all concurred in recommending 
Ladefoged & Maddieson's "The Sounds of the World's Languages."

Quoting Bonnie Sands' reply:

> All your questions about clicks are answered in Ladefoged & Maddieson's
>"The Sounds of the World's Languages". In brief, the # (palatal) click
>is laminal; with contact extending from the teeth to the post-alveolar
>region. The ! (alveolar) click is typically apical post-alveolar. 
> The cluck sound (where the the tongue hits the floor of the mouth) is
>seen as an allophonic variant of ! in Hadza and Sandawe (p. 253), languages
>which do not contrast ! and #. We have transcribed this with !!, with
>the second of the two exclamation points being upside down (can't do it
>here). -- in "A Phonetic Study of Sandawe Clicks", UCLA W[orking]P[apers] 
>in Phonetics vol. 91, October 1995. (Wright, Maddieson, Ladefoged & Sands).

Ladefoged & Maddieson's book, which I had already briefly seen in the book 
store, has now definitely moved to top-three position in my purchase schedule. 
[I have some kind of mental block about consulting reference works from the 

Thanks again,

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Miguel Carrasquer Vidal
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