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Wed Nov 13 1996

Disc: Imperative pronominals

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  1. Kate Gladstone & Andrew Haber, Imperative pronominals

Message 1: Imperative pronominals

Date: Sun, 03 Nov 1996 14:53:47 EST
From: Kate Gladstone & Andrew Haber <>
Subject: Imperative pronominals

From: rmccallisunmuw1.MUW.Edu (Rick Mc Callister)
Subject: imperative pronouns

 Voseo dialects of Spanish have a related phenomenon in that they
use tu forms for object pronouns: e.g. andate vos, o=ED lo que te esta
diciendo, etc. There is some vacilation re: prepositional & emphatic object
e.g. voy con vos/voy contigo, te lo digo a vos/te lo digo a vos.
 I've heard many South American speakers, especially Chileans and
Colombians, use tuteo for indicative sentences and voseo for commands.
 This, of course, is due to tuteo's standard position.

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