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TOC: U. of Washington Working Papers in Linguistics, v. 14

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  1. Alice Taff, U WA Working Papers, vol. 14

Message 1: U WA Working Papers, vol. 14

Date: Wed, 20 Nov 1996 12:51:03 PST
From: Alice Taff <>
Subject: U WA Working Papers, vol. 14

The Department of Linguistics of the University of Washington
announces the publication of University of Washington Working Papers
in Linguistics Volume 14 (August 1996) The Proceedings of the 12th
Northwest Linguistics Conference

Table of Contents:

The Indefinite Article, Historical Syntax and Noun Phrase Structure
	(Nancy Ackles)

The Acquisition of Determiner Phrase in Early Child Language (Ute

Deconstructing Weak Crossover (Heles Contreras)

Suprasegmental Change in Progress:
	Parallelism Between Japanese and English (Noriko Hattori)

Phonological Difficulties for Cantonese ESL Speakers (Bowen Hui)

Eliminating Overt Verb-Movement in Korean and Checking Theory
	(Tai-Soo Kim)

Morpheme Acquisition and the Count/Mass

Distinction of Nouns (Keiko Okada and Yoichi Miyamoto)

Categorial and Phi-Features in Agrammatism (Monica Eszter Sanchez)

Right Dislocation as IP-Ellipsis (Yael Sharvit)

Contrastive and Exhaustive Focus Reading in Korean (Mean-Young Song)

Assimilation, Weakening and Geminate Inalterability (Chang-Kook Suh)

The Discourse Function of Wa-Marking in Japanese (Akihiko Uechi)

An Analogical Approach to Plural Formation in German (Douglas Wulf)

UWWPL is available on a free exchange basis with other Working Papers,
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