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Sat Nov 23 1996

FYI: Cognitive Science intro text

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  1. Ping Li, Re: Cognitive Science intro text

Message 1: Re: Cognitive Science intro text

Date: Thu, 21 Nov 1996 09:43:03 EST
From: Ping Li <>
Subject: Re: Cognitive Science intro text
To follow on a previous discussion on cognitive science intro texts, I
want to share with you some information which I just recovered while I
was preparing for my cog sci class (I lost it due to my move from Hong
Kong to Virginia). About a year ago I sent a similar inquiry to the
cognitive psychology mailing list ( and got
many wonderful replies. Enclosed please my original summary. You will
see that there are some overlaps with the summaries that Barbara and
Rapaport gave a few weeks ago.

Having taught Cognitive Science for sometime now to psychology majors,
I now feel that no single text can fit into the needs of individual
instructors. Next time I will probably go with a binder that includes
my own list of journal articles and book chapters.

Ping Li
Ping Li, Ph.D. 				Email:
Department of Psychology
University of Richmond			Phone: (804) 289-8125
Richmond, VA 23173			Fax: (804) 289-8943

Original summarry for cogpsy mailing list:

Most recommended texts
- --------------------

Stillings, N. A., Weisler, S. E., Chase, C. H., Feinstein, M. H.,
	Garfield, J. L., and Rissland, E. L. (1995). Cognitive Science: 
	An Introduction (2nd ed.). Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. 

Johnson-Laird, P.N. (1988). The computer and the mind : 
	An introduction to cognitive science. Cambridge, Mass. : 
	Harvard University Press. 

- ------

Garfield, J. L. (1990). Foundations of Cognitive Science:
	The Essential Readings. New York : Paragon House. 

Barsalou, L. W. (1992) Cognitive Psychology: An overview for Cognitive
	Scientists. Lawrence Erlbaum. 

Eysenck, M.W. and Keane, M.T. (1995) Cognitive Psychology: 
	A Student's Handbook. 3rd Edition. Lawrence Erlbaum. 

Nuallain, S.O. (1995). The Search for Mind, Ablex.

Green, D.W. et al (1996). Cognitive Science: An Introduction.

Computational Modelling
- ---------------------

Arbib, M.A. (1995). The handbook of brain theory and neural networks. 
	The MIT Press. 

Churchland, P.S. & Sejnowski, T. J. (1992). The Computational brain.
	Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press. 

Luger, G. F., & Johnson, P. (1994). Cognitive Science: The Science of 
	Intelligent Systems. San Diego: Academic Press. 

Levine, D. S. (1991). Introduction to Neural and Cognitive Modeling.
	Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

Anderson, J.A. (1995). An Introduction to Neural Networks. MIT Press.

Caudill, M. & Bulter, C. (1993): Understanding Neural Networks: 
	Computer Explorations, vols. 1 and 2. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

- ------

Stevenson, R. J. (1993). Language Thought and Representation. John Wiley. 

Haegeman, L. M. V. (1994). Introduction to government and binding 
	theory. 2nd ed. Cambridge, Mass. : B. Blackwell.

- ----------

Gazzaniga, M. A. (1995). The cognitive neurosciences. The MIT Press.

Shepherd G. (1994). Neurobiology. 3rd edition. Oxford University Press. 

Gardner D. (1993, ed.) Neurobiology of Neural Networks. The MIT Press. 

Conn P.M.. (1995, ed.) Neuroscience in Medicine. J.B. Lippincott Co.

Kelso S. (1995) Dynamic Patterns: Self-Organization of Brain and Behavior.
	The MIT Press. 

Baker G.L., and Gollub J.P. (1990) Chaotic Dynamics: An Introduction.
	Cambridge University Press. 

Michel, G.F & Moore, C.L. (1995). Developmental Psychobiology : An
	Interdisciplinary Science. MIT. 

- ---------

Rosser, R. (1994). Cognitive Development: Psychological and Biological
	Perspectives. Alleyn & Bacon.

Karmiloff-Smith , A. (1992). Beyond Modularity. MIT.

- --------

Roth, I. & Bruce, V. (1995). Perception and Representation (2nd Ed.). 
	Open University Press.
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