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Books: Pacific Linguistics

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  1. mira kwasik, Pacific Linguistics New BOOKS

Message 1: Pacific Linguistics New BOOKS

Date: Thu, 22 Aug 1996 14:50:31 +1000
From: mira kwasik <>
Subject: Pacific Linguistics New BOOKS

STEINHAUER, Hein, (ed), Papers in Austronesian Linguistics No.3.
1996, vi, 232pp. Softcover. ISBN 0 85883 430 8. A$32.00

Pacific Linguistics catalogue number, A-84. Key words: 6CAL; Borneo;
Philippines; Sulawesi; Moluccas; Timor; focus; metathesis; morphology.

This volume deals with morphological problems in non-Oceanic
Malayo-Polynesian languages. The papers were contributions to the
sixth International Conference on Austronesian Linguistics (Honolulu,
1991). Focus, or what remains of it, is the topic of papers by
D.G. Arms (Sindangan Subanan), P.R. Kroeger (Kimaragang Dusun),
Beatrice Clayre (Borneo languages) and R. van der Berg and
N. P. Himmelmann (languages of Sulawesi). Donna Evans discusses
causatives (Kaili), Barbara Friberg person marking (in Konjo), U. Sirk
verbal suffixes (western Indonesian languages). Papers by A. van
Engelenhoven and H. Steinhauer concern syncronic metathesis in the
Central Malayo-Polynesian languages (Letinese and Dawanese).

PEJROS, Ilia, Katuic Comparative Dictionary. 1996, xi, 198pp.
Softcover. ISBN 0 85883 435 9. A$30.00

Pacific Linguistics catalogue number, C-132. Key words: Katuic
languages; Mon-Khmer languages; Mon-Khmer comparative linguistics.

Katuic languages form a branch of the Mon-Khmer language family. In
this volume Ilia Pejros gives a Proto Katuic phonological
reconstruction, more than 1.200 Katuic etymologies, and comparisons
with other languages of Southeast Asia.

KIRTON J. and Bella CHARLIE Further aspects of the grammar of Yanyuwa,
Northern Australia. 1996, xiv, 216pp. (incl.1 map, 2 photographs).
ISBN 0 85883 433 2. A$31.00

Pacific Linguistics Catalogue number, C-131. Key words: grammar;
sematic-grammatical relationships.

This is posthumous volume Kirton describes a dying language of the
Gulf country, Northern Territory. It supplements previously published
papers with descriptive chapters on pronouns, demonstratives,
locatives, interrogatives, clauses, and discourse particles. Written
for both linguists and Yanyuwa people, the description is detailed and
includes many examples, especially of clauses and simple sentences.

CARRINGTON, Lois A Linguistic Bibliography of the New Guinea Area.
1996, x, 476pp. Softcover. ISBN 0 85883449 9. A$55.00 plus postage.

Pacific Linguistics catalogue number, D-55. Key words: Bibliography,
New Guinea Area.

This publication covers Papua New Guinea, Solomon Is., Irian Jaya and
Papuan languages in adjacent areas, includes all published and
unpublished works wholly as partly of linguistics interest. Includes
correct bibliographical entries, languages listings. Pacific
Linguistics publications can be obtained in any one of six easy and
convenient ways:


The Australian National University Pacific Linguistics
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