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Sun Nov 24 1996

Qs: Interlinear text program, French acquisition, IATEFL

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  1. William McGregor, Interlinear text program
  2. L V Bruski, SLA:L2 French, L1 English
  3. "A. K. Ardat", HELP ON IATEFL

Message 1: Interlinear text program

Date: Mon, 18 Nov 1996 09:52:23 +1000
From: William McGregor <>
Subject: Interlinear text program

Does anyone know of an interlinear text program for Windows 3.1
or 95 that will do basically what IT does, but:

1. is relatively user friendly;
2. will output texts to specified page sizes, fonts, etc;

3. delimit morphemes/words with tabs, rather than spaces, and
create aligned gloss-lines;

4. can be used interactively -- I prefer to input texts
word-by-word, rather than text-by-text.

If anyone knows of any such program, I would appreciate information.


Bill McGregor
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Message 2: SLA:L2 French, L1 English

Date: Mon, 18 Nov 1996 09:53:17 GMT
From: L V Bruski <>
Subject: SLA:L2 French, L1 English

I'm looking for references about the acquisition of French
(second language) by native English speakers. I'll be glad to
receive any kind of information concerning this subject.
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Date: Fri, 15 Nov 1996 14:59:43 +0700
From: "A. K. Ardat" <F10E003%SAKSU00.BITNETVTBIT.CC.VT.EDU>

Hello Linguists,

I appreciate the help of those who have information on *CALL
Review: The Journal of IATEFL Computer Special Interest Group*,
a London-based journal. I know the title is self explanatory --
The journal is specialized in publishing review s of educational
software. Nevertheless, I would like to know if it publishes, now
and then, long, scholarly articles. And are these articles, in
case the answer is "yes", customarily REFEREED? My question has
emanated from an editorial sentence of the journal's summer
edition, "In an unusual departure for *CALL Review*, we are
publishing a detailed account of an experiment in assessing

The same question applies to UCLES (University of Cambridge Local
Examinations Syndicate) Testing Newsletter. That is, does UCLES
publish REFEREED, original works?

I tried to contact both CALL and UCLES. I got no answer.

Looking forward to hearing from you at your best and earliest
convenience. I app reciate your writing to me at my e-mail
address directly.

Thanks very much in advance.

A. K. Ardat

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