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Sun Nov 24 1996

Sum: Lancaster Corpus

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  1. Guenter Schubert, Sum: Lancaster Corpus

Message 1: Sum: Lancaster Corpus

Date: Fri, 22 Nov 1996 17:14:00 +0100
From: Guenter Schubert <>
Subject: Sum: Lancaster Corpus

Recently I issued questions about the existence and nature of the
Lancaster Corpus, also about access possibilities and availability on
a CD-ROM. I'm indebted to the following people all over the world for
their helpful hints:

1)Tracy Cameron Mansfield (
2) Yael Maschler (
3) Donald C. Freeman (
4)M.Hundt (
5)Jonathan Swift (
6) Sung-Ho Ahn (
7) Ingo Plag (
8) Jane Setter (
9) Martha Jo McGinnis (
10) Suzanne E Kemmer (
11) Dennis Newson (
12) Lex Olorenshaw (

These helpful people sent me information as to specialists involved in
the completion of the corpus or to people who could help for other
reasons. I got relevant WWW- and e-mail-addresses, and hints at other
existing corpora.

The Corpus in question is a joint enterprise of Lancaster - Oslo -
Bergen ( the LOB - Corpus). It was compiled at the Norwegian Computing
Centre for the Humanities in Bergen; it is a 30-mill. word archive of
the English published in 1961. There is a (slightly expensive) CD-ROM
available that also includes LOB's American equivalent, the BROWN-
Corpus (Univ.,Providence, Rhode Island, USA; also known as
FRANCIS/KUCHERA- Corpus),and the LONDON-LUND-Corpus.

Information about the CD-ROM can be acquired from the International
Computer Archive of Modern English in Oslo: ICAME (e-mail:

Other corpora mentioned in the correspondence were: MARSEC (Leeds
Univ.) and PENN TREEBANK (Univ. of Pennsylvania).

Relevant internet addresses: (= The Longman's
 dictionary web site) ( = available corpora) (= Treebank Corpus) (= Linguistic Data Consortium : American
 English data) (=for
 British Engl.)

The Univ. of Freiburg/Germany is presently working on a corpus which
will be an update (1990s) of LOB and BROWN.

Thank you all very much, I appreciate your help.

Guenter Schubert
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