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TOC: Working papers "Sprachwissenschaft in Frankfurt"

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  1., Working papers "Sprachwissenschaft in Frankfurt"

Message 1: Working papers "Sprachwissenschaft in Frankfurt"

Date: Wed, 13 Nov 1996 11:44:08 +0100
From: <>
Subject: Working papers "Sprachwissenschaft in Frankfurt"
Working Papers SiF 'Sprachwissenschaft in Frankfurt'

The following titles are currently available:

[11] Sabel, Joachim (1993) W-Infinitive, Nominativsubjekte und
 das Wh-Criterion.
[12] Grewendorf, Guenther (1994) Variable Binding and
[13] Buering, Daniel & Katharina Hartmann (1994) Doing the
 Right Thing - Extraposition as a Movement Rule.
[14] Stanek, Susanne (1996) Verbstellungstypen in germanischen
[15] Saito, Mamoru & Naoki Fukui (1996) Order in the Theory of
 Phrase Structure and Movement.
[16] Grewendorf, Guenther & Joachim Sabel (1996) Multiple
 Specifiers and the Theory of Adjunction: On Scrambling in
 German and Japanese.
[17] Buering, Daniel (1996) Economy.

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include shipping and handling. For orders from other
countries, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. We cannot
accept credit card payment. Please send order form and the
money IN CASH to:

'Sprachwissenschaft in Frankfurt'
Prof. Guenther Grewendorf
Institut fuer Deutsche Sprache und Literatur II
Universitaet Frankfurt
Graefstr. 76
60054 Frankfurt

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