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Wed Nov 27 1996

Sum: Renumber program

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  1. Sergio Scalise, Sum: Renumber program

Message 1: Sum: Renumber program

Date: Sun, 24 Nov 1996 09:22:21 +0100
From: Sergio Scalise <>
Subject: Sum: Renumber program

Dear colleagues of LINGUIST,

my little (and -I thought- private)query to LINGUIST about the
program called RENUMBER turned out to be a quite interesting
topic, since many people replied with a variety of
questions/suggestions etc. The lines the follow are, then, a
sort of little summary (an habit of Linguist that I've always
found VERY 'urbane').

Some people (such as Donelly, Chang, etc.) want to be
informed. Some other (Cassian) sent me a program [many thanks: In
order to test it I need the assistance of my son..], some other
asked me for which word processor I need such a program. Now, the
word processor for which I need a 'renumber program' is word 6
(under windows 95), and at this point Bao Zhiming told me that
WORD itself can do the job (cf. the sequence: Field, Numbering,
Seq.). Many thanks also to Bao [I tried but I did not succeed, I
am sure for my inaptitude..]. And last, the name of the person
who invented Renumber is J.Mead, apparently student at UCLA some
years ago. I also have an address (izzyt09uclamvs, which I did
no test yet, but i am afraid is an old one.

Any way, thanks to all the people that answered (and ... to

 Sergio Scalise


 Sergio Scalise phone/fax +39-532-293411 (work, direct)
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