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Fri Feb 2 1996

Books: Phonetics&Phonology, Semantics, Ling Theory, Grammars

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  1. Justin Spence, New book: phonetics/phonology

Message 1: New book: phonetics/phonology

Date: Thu, 01 Feb 1996 16:34:59 EST
From: Justin Spence <>
Subject: New book: phonetics/phonology


Ioana Chitoran and Ratree Wayland (eds.), WORKING PAPERS OF THE CORNELL
 Cost: $11.00
Includes the following articles:

Abigail C. Cohn, "Phonetics and Phonology"; Abigail C. Cohn, "Privativity,
underspecification, and consequences for an adequate theory of phonetic
implementation"; Antony Green, "The prosodic structure of Burmese: A
constraint-based approach"; Corinne B. Moore, "Speaker normalization in the
perception of Mandarin Chinese tones"; Ayako Tsuchida, "English loans in
Japanese: Constraints in loanword phonology";
Ratree Wayland, "Non-native productions of Thai: Acoustic measurements and
accentedness ratings".

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Mandy Simons and Teresa Galloway (eds.). SALT V (Proceedings from
Semantics and Linguistic Theory V). 1995.
 Cost: $18.00 (student); $20.00 (non-student)

Includes articles by the following authors:

Chris Barker; Reinhard Blutner; Daniel B=FCring; Giulia Centineo; Veneeta
Dayal; Anastasia Giannakidou; Jeroen Groenendijk, Martin Stokhof and Frank
Veltman; Eric Jackson; Yookyung Kim and Stanley Peters; Utpal Lahiri; Knud
Lambrecht; Alex Lascarides and Ann Copestake; Jan Lerner and Manfred
Pinkal; Claudia Maienborn; Friederike Moltmann; Toshiyuki Ogihara; Robin
Schafer; Anatoli Strigin; Satoshi Tomioka; Myriam Uribe-Etxebarria; Arnim
von Stechow; Yoad Winter; Joost Zwarts.

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Janet M. Fuller, Ho Han, and David Parkinson (eds.), ESCOL '94 (Proceedings
of the Eleventh Eastern States Conference on Linguistics). 1995.
 Cost: $18.00 (students); $20.00 (non-students).

Includes articles by the following authors:

Rakesh Mohan Bhatt; Young-Hyung Cho; Eve V. Clark; Stephen Crain, Laura
Conway, and Rosalind Thornton; Piroska Csuri; William D. Davies; Marie C.
Egan and A. Rene Schmauder; Jason Eisner; David Embick and Roumanya
Izvorski; Patrick Farrell; Astrid Ferdinand; Robert Hamilton; Ho Han and
Myung-Kwan Park; Rebecca Herman; Gregory K. Iverson and Shinsook Lee; Luis
Lopez; Hideki Maki; Yoichi Miyamoto; Alan Munn; Seungho Nam; Elizabeth J.
Pyatt; Hotze Rullmann; Uli Sauerland; Cristina Schmitt; Carson T. Schutze;
Rosalind Thornton; Rachel Walker; Gert Webelhuth and Farrell Ackerman.

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 Georgian Grammar

 George Hewitt, GEORGIAN
 A Learner's Grammar
 Presenting the language in the form of dialogues and reading passages,
 many of which touch on contemporary Georgian life including politics
 and minority rights issues, this grammar introduces a colloquial
 language in a comprehensive self-study text for all learners. George
 Hewitt presents in a clear manner the grammar, pronunciation and lexis
 of this complex language. The vocabulary contains over 2,600 entries
 with the verbs listed by root, often illustrating more than one verb
 form. Full attention is given to script reproduction and recognition,
 with both Roman and Georgian scripts used up until the fifth lesson.
 Lessons are tested by a range of exercise work. The reference section
 provides an answer key, Georgian-English glossary, a phrase guide and
 an index and glossary of terms.
 Routledge Grammars
 Routledge: 1996: 380 pp
 HB: 0 415 13324 6: #D1613: $79.95: L55.00
 PB: 0 415 10273 1: #D1617: $35.00: L19.99

 For more information on these and other titles from:
 ROUTLEDGE London * New York

 Each course will help the learner develop a command of the everyday
 written and spoken forms of a foreign language. No prior knowledge of
 the language is required. Each course includes: grammar and useful
 vocabulary; exercises for regular practice; a pronunciation guide;
 and a reference section. The Cassette Pack includes one paperback book
 and one or two 60-minute cassettes recorded by native speakers.

 Routledge: 1995: 288 pp
 PB: 0 415 12089 6: #D1019: $12.95: L4.99
 2 CASS: 0 415 12090 X: #D1023: $17.95: L9.99
 PK: 0 415 12091 8: #D1027: $22.95: L14.99

 Glyn Hatheral and Dietlinde Hatheral, COLLOQUIAL GERMAN
 Routledge: 1995: 368 pp
 PB: 0 415 02799 3: #D1020: $12.95: L5.99
 2 CASS: 0 415 02800 0: #D1024: $17.95: L9.99
 PK: 0 415 04938 5: #D1028: $22.95: L14.99

 Routledge: 1995: 336 pp
 PB: 0 415 12898 6: #D1134: $18.95: L9.99
 2 CASS: 0 415 12899 4: #D1138: $22.95: L14.99
 PK: 0 415 12900 1: #D1142: $34.95: L24.99

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 ROUTLEDGE London * New York

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