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Fri Nov 29 1996

Calls: Crossing The Boundaries V, Quantitative Linguistics

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  1. michael ma, Crossing The Boundaries V: "Translating/Transposing Cultures"
  2. Reinhard Koehler, Quantitative Linguistics

Message 1: Crossing The Boundaries V: "Translating/Transposing Cultures"

Date: Tue, 26 Nov 1996 16:02:37 EST
From: michael ma <>
Subject: Crossing The Boundaries V: "Translating/Transposing Cultures"

SUNY Binghamton graduate students invite submissions for:

A Counter-Disciplinary Graduate Student Conference
April 4-5, 1997
SUNY Binghamton
Binghamton, New York

This year's conference will focus on:

"Translating/Transposing Cultures"

The collective of the 5th annual Crossing the Boundaries Conference
invites members from various cultural spaces and different academic
disciplines to examine the issues of cultural translation and/or
transposition. We invite paper and panel proposals, as well as
encourage creative, non-formal, and interactive presentations (e.g.
video, performance art, installations, interactive multimedia,
etc...). Completed panel proposals are encouraged and enthusiastically
received. This conference has been established and is run by graduate
students as a site of resistance.

Some possible themes:

*issues of translation: being translated; representation outside of
one's language and culture; what gets imposed?; how is one hailed?
*pedagogy: teaching Postcolonial and Commonwealth literatures;
teaching "other" cultures and classes
*cyber-whatever: what gets "translated" through machine interface?
*high culture/pop culture transpositions
*multiculturalism and identity politics: unity, coalition forming,
marginalization, and imposition of difference
*queer work: what gets "translated" to/from feminist, gender, or
postcolonial projects?
*ideology and its pervasiveness
*activism and academia: transposing community and academy
*comparative histories (e.g. latin american, caribbean, asian, etc)
*sex, disease, vilification, power
*appropriation, imperialism, post-colonialisms
*liminal frontiers: nomadism, hybridism and territorial mapping
*the social constructions of pleasure, memory and the (un)conscious
*working class identity, labour strikes and ritual protests
*the built environment: urban planning translations/transpositions
*the inter-merger of gender, science and technology
*dressing for power, dressing for pleasure
*"the new tribalism" and heroin chic
*Website publishing: info technology, privatization and culture
*morphing cultures

Submit one-page abstracts or presentation proposals by January 31,
1997 to:

Crossing the Boundaries V
c/o English Department
SUNY Binghamton
Box 6000, NY, 13902

Or e-mail your proposal to:

Abstracts should be submitted, along with a separate listing of
name, paper title, institutional and departmental affiliation,
preferred mailing address, phone, and e-mail address.

Please include your mailing address, e-mail address, and phone
number. As well, include a self-addressed stamped envelope for any
materials you would like returned to you (portfolios, discs,
slides, video tapes, etc.).

If you need more information, please feel free to contact:

Michael Ma
Department of Art History
SUNY Binghamton
Binghamton, NY, 13902
phone: 607-797-9567


Jennifer Lutzenberger
Department of English
SUNY Binghamton
Binghamton, NY, 13902
phone: 607-722-9493
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Message 2: Quantitative Linguistics

Date: Wed, 27 Nov 1996 13:46:38 +0100
From: Reinhard Koehler <>
Subject: Quantitative Linguistics
Third International Conference on Quantitative Linguistics
August 26(Tue)-30(Sat), 1997
Helsinki, Finland

The International Quantitative Linguistics Association
invites the submission of papers and participation in this conference,
which will be organized by

Kotimaisten kielten tutkimuskeskus
(Research Institute for the Languages of Finland)
Srnisten rantatie 25, FIN-00500 Helsinki, Finland
and the Department of General Linguistics of the University of Helsinki

Chair of the Organizing Committee:
 Pauli Saukkonen
 Kotimaisten kielten tutkimuskeskus
(Research Institute for the Languages of Finland)
Tel.: +358 9 731 5201
 Fax: +358 9 731 5350 and 5355

Chair of the Program Committee:
Gabriel Altmann
 University of Bochum, Department of Linguistics
 Tel. and Fax: +49 2351 973071
Stttinghauser Ringstraae 44
D-58515 Ldenscheid, Germany


Papers are invited on substantial, original, and unpublished
research on all aspects of Quantitative Linguistics, including,
but not limited to, the following.

1. Observations and descriptions of all aspects of language and
text phenomena, including the areas of psycholinguistics,
sociolinguistics, linguistic typology, stylistics, etc. as far as
they use quantitative mathematical methods (probability theory,
stochastic processes, differential and difference equations,
fuzzy logics and set theory, function theory etc.), on all levels
of linguistic analysis.

2. Applications of methods, models, or findings from quantitative
linguistics to problems of natural language processing, machine
translation, language teaching, documentation and information
retrieval - especially in the form of automated systems of
different kinds (automated systems for scientific research,
expert systems, electronic dictionaries, parsing systems,
controlled large text corpora etc.).

3. Methodological problems of linguistic measurement, model
construction, sampling and test theory.

4. Epistemological issues such as explanation of language and
text phenomena, contributions to theory construction, systems
theory, philosophy of science.


Papers should be either long papers (20 minutes plus 10) or short
papers (15 minutes plus five) on the above-mentioned topics,
preferably in English. Authors should submit four copies of
preliminary versions of their papers (max. 6 pages), on A4 paper
with title, author(s), addresses (including e-mail if possible),
affiliation across the page top, a short (five line) summary, the
words: topical paper or project note, and a specification of the
topic area. Send the papers to the chairman of the program


Preliminary paper submission: January 31, 1997
Note of acceptance: May 1, 1997
Full papers due: September 30, 1997
(Max. length of full papers: 20 pages; format information will be given with
the Note of Acceptance.)
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