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Fri Nov 29 1996

FYI: Lang Conf. List,General Architecture for Text Engineering

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  1. "Roy F. Cochrun", Language Conference List Update
  2. Kevin Humphreys, General Architecture for Text Engineering (GATE)

Message 1: Language Conference List Update

Date: Sun, 24 Nov 1996 09:00:06 EST
From: "Roy F. Cochrun" <>
Subject: Language Conference List Update
The language conference list located on the WWW at URL has been updated
with over 50 new conferences since the October 1996 edition.
The next update probably will be after the December holidays.

The list includes conferences for anyone interested in any
aspect of natural language: linguists, translators, interpreters,
teachers of languages (even one's own native language to native
speakers, such as English in American high schools), those who
are involved in natural language processing, et al.

As usual, changes, updates, corrections or comments via e-mail to, please.

 --Roy Cochrun
Roy's Russian Resource:
Language Conferences:
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Message 2: General Architecture for Text Engineering (GATE)

Date: 25 Nov 1996 16:45:28 GMT
From: Kevin Humphreys <>
Subject: General Architecture for Text Engineering (GATE)
The following message is a courtesy copy of an article
that has been posted as well.

The first release of Sheffield's General Architecture for Text
Engineering (GATE) is now available. Details can be found at:

GATE is a software environment which supports
 * researchers in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Computational
 Linguistics (CL)
 * developers who are producing and delivering Language Engineering
 (LE) systems.

GATE includes an implementation of the system architecture proposed as
part of the DARPA TIPSTER Text Program. This aims to provide
 * a communication and control infrastructure for linking together
 sets of LE software modules
 * plug-and-play module interchangeability allowing users to select
 from different suppliers standard access modes to common data
 resources (lexica, corpora, etc).

GATE also provides a sophisticated (well, we think so) interface for
the addition and operation of TIPSTER compliant software modules, and
for the development of systems made up of such modules, including
 * visualisation tools for parse trees, co-reference chains, and
 POS tags
 * support for document collection management.

GATE is not specific to any theoretical approach nor to any
application area within LE, NLP or CL. However, with the aim of
promoting collaborative research on Information Extraction (IE)
and of illustrating GATE in action, the initial distribution of
the system includes a set of modules which implements a
full-scale MUC-6-compatible IE system called VIE - the Vanilla IE
system. VIE contains modules to do:

 * tokenisation
 * sentence-splitting
 * stemming
 * POS-tagging
 * named-entity identification
 * parsing
 * discourse interpretation (including co-reference resolution).

To obtain GATE, please retrieve and complete a licence from:
On receipt of your licence we will mail you a password which will
enable you to download the system. GATE is free for research
purposes to academic organisations and by arrangement for
research purposes to commercial organisations.

GATE is funded by the U.K. Engineering and Physical Sciences
Research Council (EPSRC).

Contact for further information.

Robert Gaizauskas, Yorick Wilks Hamish Cunningham, Kevin
Humphreys, Pete Rodgers, Martin Stower

Department of Computer Science
University of Sheffield UK
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