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Sun Dec 1 1996

Qs: Zapotec, Machine readable Chinese, Komi stress

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  1. Phoebe Hensen Vitharana, question about Zapotec
  2. Paul Woods, Machine Readable Chinese Stuff
  3. "Paul de Lacy", Komi Stress

Message 1: question about Zapotec

Date: Tue, 26 Nov 1996 15:55:52 CST
From: Phoebe Hensen Vitharana <>
Subject: question about Zapotec
I am interested in Isthmus Zapotec, an Oto-Manguean Mexican language.
Is there anyone studying Zapotec. I'm am assessing the future of this
language in terms of language death.

Phoebe Vitharana
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Message 2: Machine Readable Chinese Stuff

Date: Wed, 27 Nov 1996 14:19:59 GMT
From: Paul Woods <>
Subject: Machine Readable Chinese Stuff
Dear All,
I am looking for machine readable Chinese lexical stuff.
Can anybody help? What I'd really like is a bilingual
lexicon which contains the following fields (or similar):
character encoding (in Big5), pronunciation in hanyu pinyin,
list of senses in English. For example, an entry might be:

[char for ren2], ren2, man, person, etc. OR

[char for dao4], dao4, way, path, truth, to speak, word, etc.

If anyone has anything even remotely resembling this, please
let me know. The only alternative is for me to get a
dictionary and type it all in :-(.
Paul Woods,
Dept of Computer Science, 
Uni of Sheffield,
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Message 3: Komi Stress

Date: Wed, 27 Nov 1996 19:16:20 GMT
From: "Paul de Lacy" <>
Subject: Komi Stress

Could someone tell me a couple of things about Komi's stress system
since I can't procure the sources:

Ergi Itkonen (1955) "Ueber die Betonungsverhaltnisse in den
finnisch-ugrischen Sprachen.' Acta Linguistica Academiae Scientiarum
Hungaricae 5:21-23.
V.I. Lytkin (1961) 'Komi-iaz'vinskii dialekt.' Izdatel'stvo
Akademii Nauk SSSR, Moscow.

Hayes (1995:297) says that syllable weight is calculated by reference
to vowel height while Halle & Vergnaud (1987:52) say that the
difference is between full and reduced vowels.

My questions are:
- Who is correct?
- Is there a distinction in vowel height and a distinction in
V quality?
- How do dipththongs figure in this calculation (having two vowel

Many thanks.

Paul de Lacy.

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