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Sun Dec 1 1996

Qs: CD Indonesian lang course, Charles de Brosses

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  1. Guenter Plum, CD Indonesian lang course
  2. Robin Allott, Charles de Brosses

Message 1: CD Indonesian lang course

Date: Thu, 28 Nov 1996 16:49:37 +1100
From: Guenter Plum <>
Subject: CD Indonesian lang course

Does anyone know of any Multimedia (CD based) courses in Indonesian? A
friend is in need of an intensive, interactive (audio based) way of
learning the language, because "he does not get enough time now to
read a course on the language in the traditional way, and even then he
would not know how it sounds unless he also took a course in

Please reply directly to <>


Dr Guenter A. Plum
Senior Research Associate
Centre for Language in Social Life
School of English, Linguistics & Media
Macquarie University, Sydney NSW 2109, AUSTRALIA
Ph 61-2-9850 8741 Fax 61-2-9850 8240

Das Hoechste waere zu begreifen, das alles Faktische schon Theorie ist.
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Message 2: Charles de Brosses

Date: Tue, 26 Nov 1996 08:01:08 GMT
From: Robin Allott <>
Subject: Charles de Brosses
I am undertaking a translation of an 18th century linguistic 
study, the 'Traite de la formation mechanique des langues et des
principes physiques de l'etymologie' by Charles de Brosses who was
President of the Parlement de Dijon. Grateful for any information or
Robin Allott email:
 tel/fax: +44 1323 492300
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