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Sun Dec 1 1996

Confs: 7th Nilo-Saharan Linguistics Conference, ConSOLE 5

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  1. Norbert Cyffer, 7th Nilo-Saharan Linguistics Conference
  2. Joao Costa <, ConSOLE 5 - program

Message 1: 7th Nilo-Saharan Linguistics Conference

Date: Fri, 29 Nov 1996 15:23:10 CST
From: Norbert Cyffer <>
Subject: 7th Nilo-Saharan Linguistics Conference

7th Nilo-Saharan Linguistics Conference
(Vienna/Austria, 2-6 September 1998)

The 7th Nilo-Saharan Linguistics Conference will be held at the
Department of African Studies [Institut fuer Afrikanistik], University
of Vienna, Austria from 2 - 6 September 1998.

The first conference took place in Leiden, Netherlands in 1980 and has
since been repeated in three yearly intervals. The following stages
were Colraine (Northern Ireland), Kisumu (Kenya), Bayreuth (Germany),
Nice (France). At the last conference in Los Angeles in April 1995 it
was decided hold the next conference in Vienna. The discussion on the
existence or non-existence of the (sometimes) disputed Nilo-Saharan
family has receded over the past years, and discussion about the new
proposals on the sub-grouping of the family has gained a greater
weight. However, contributions on linguistic sub-groups or individual
languages enriched the reliable data on the languages concerned.

Steering Committee:
M. Lionel Bender, Carbondale (USA)
Norbert Cyffer, Vienna (Austria)
Robert Nicolai, Nice (France)
Franz Rottland, Bayreuth (Germany)
Petr Zima, Prague (Czech Republic)


Papers related to all aspects of Nilo-Saharan languages, comparative
and descriptive will be welcome. Conference languages are English,
French and German. We also welcome proposals for special workshops,
for example on topics like ongoing projects, ATR, vowel harmony, or
even sociolinguistic issues, as they were discussed at a round table
meeting during the last conference. An important topic may also be the
better use of Internet.

Preliminary registration

In order to facilitate the planning of the conference, we request you
to do a preliminary registration. This will also guarantee that you
will be included in the mailing list. Please let us know the following

a) name
b) address
c) e-mail
d) fax number
e) phone number
f) intention to present a paper: yes/no/not yet sure
g) If yes: (provisional) title/not yet sure
h) Communication preferred by: mail/fax/e-mail
i) If you are not yet sure about your participation, indicate whether
you would like to receive the forthcoming circular: yes/no

Nilo-Saharan Newsletter

We are also preparing the next Nilo-Saharan Newsletter. Please let me
have anything worthwhile to be included, e.g. bibliographical notes on
recent publications, matters of discussion to the Nilo-Saharan issue,
research notes, change of address, new workers on Nilo-Saharan
linguistics, etc.
Send your registration and contributions to the newsletter by e-mail,
fax or ordinary mail and let us know how you would like to be
contacted in future. E-mail. of course will rationalise, speed up and
economise the correspondence. For your preliminary registration and
inclusion in the mailing list we also need your postal, fax and e-mail
A new circular will be sent out, when we get responses from the
prospective participants. The exact date of the conference will then
also be communicated. PLEASE feel free to copy this information and
send to interested colleagues or institutions.

7th Nilo-Saharan Linguistics Conference
Institut f|r Afrikanistik
Universitdt Wien
Doblhoffgasse 5/9
A-1010 WIEN

Phone: +43-1-4052273
Fax: +43-1-405227319
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Message 2: ConSOLE 5 - program

Date: Thu, 28 Nov 1996 09:49:11 +0100
From: Joao Costa < <>
Subject: ConSOLE 5 - program

The 5th conference of SOLE (Student Organization of Linguistics in
Europe) will take place at the University College London and SOAS from
the 16th until the 18th of December.
The conference fee is: 35 guilders/15 pounds
At the conference, the proceedings of ConSOLE 4 will be available.
For more information contact:

SOLE board:			Local Organizers:
Joao Costa			Maya Arad
Rob Goedemans			Cristina Banfi
Ruben van de Vijver		Melanie Green	Ana Maria Madeira
				Lutz Marten
				Anna Pettiward
				Anne Teng

 University College London & SOAS
 December, 16-18

Monday, December 16

9.30 - Superlatives and Context Dependence
 Javier Gutierrez-Rexach (UCLA)
10.15- Measuring out, small clauses and the semantics of telicity
 Jenny Doetjes (HIL\Leiden U)
11.15- Onset Augmentation in Kisi
 Naomi Cull (U. of Toronto)
12.00- Constraints, Derivations and The Elsewhere Condition: on the
 advantages of the Serial-Derivation approach
 Hassan Durgauhee (U. of Edinburgh)
14.00- The decline of OV word order in Icelandic VP
 Thorbjorg Horarsdottir (U. of Tromso)
14.45- Subjacency forever
 Norvin Richards (MIT)
16.00- Wh-doubling in ASL and the filled C requirement
	Teresa Galloway (Cornell U)
16.45- Focus Movement and Ellipsis in Korean and Japanese
 Jeong-Seok Kim (U. of Connecticut)

Tuesday, December 17
9.30- Syntactic Reflexes of Genericity
 Youngchul Jun (Indiana U)
10.15- Anaphoricity and Agreement
 Vaijayanthi Sarma (MIT)
11.15- Welsh lenition is NOT a single phonological process
 Elizabeth J Pyatt (Harvard)
12.00- The role of OCP in Place assimilation
 Sechang Lee (USC)
14.00- Morphosyntactic Implications of Noun Incorporation in Hopi
 Claire Gronemeyer (U. of Lund & HIL\Amsterdam)
14.45- Restructuring Infinitives
 Susanne Wurmbrand (MIT)
16.00- Information structure and exploded Comp in Malagasy
 Matt Pearson (UCLA)
16.45- Expletives and Definite Subjects
 Eric Haeberli (U. of Geneva)

18.00- INVITED SPEAKER - Shalom Lappin (SOAS) TBA

Wednesday, December 18
9.30- On V to I Movement and Flexible Syntax
 Olaf Koeneman (OTS, Utrecht U)
10.15- Middles: a view from German
 Marie Cristine Erb (Tilburg U) & Markus Steinbach (Berlin-Max Planck)
11.15- Containment, Candidate Generation and Correspondence Theory:
 possession in Quiotepec Chinatec
 Frank van der Leeuw (HIL\Amsterdam) & Jeroen van de Weijer (HIL\Leiden)
12.00- A Formal Comparison of two models of Vowel Height
 Sylvia Zetterstrand (Harvard U)
14.00- On the Relativization of Japanese
 Masao Ochi (U. of Connecticut)
14.45- Nonconfigurationality as restrictions on encyplopedic knowledge in
 grammatical positions
 Rob Pensalfini (MIT)
16.00- Irish Copular Constructions and the Clefting of Predicates
 M. Siobhan Cotell (U. of Wales-Bangor)
16.45- Restrictions on Extraposition. PP-extraposition in Dutch
 Marion Helmantel (HIL\Leiden U)

Yiddish existential sentences- neither here nor there
 Kerstin Hoge (St. Hilda's College)
Bare Singulars: a study of the Syntax-Semantics Interface
 Dalina Kallulli (U. of Durham)
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