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Sun Dec 8 1996

Confs: Lang acquisition, Language change, Going Romance

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  1. "Jeannette C. Schaeffer", Acquisition Workshop MIT
  2. "Organisator", Literacy, Media, and Language Change
  3. "M. de Wind", ***** Going Romance 1996 (FINAL PROGRAM!!) *****

Message 1: Acquisition Workshop MIT

Date: Tue, 03 Dec 1996 14:07:50 EST
From: "Jeannette C. Schaeffer" <schaeffeMIT.EDU>
Subject: Acquisition Workshop MIT



Title: "The interpretation of root infinitives and bare nouns in child

Time: Monday, January 13, and Tuesday, January 14, 1997

Place: MIT - E25-401


"In this workshop, we intend to investigate the interpretation of
so-called "Root Infinitives" and bare nouns (nouns without a
determiner) in child language. "Root - Infinitives" are infinitival
clauses that occur as matrix clauses. Both root infinitives and bare
nouns are prohibited in adult language (except for under special
circumstances). The question is how children provide these
'ungrammatical' utterances with an interpretation. We will have
various speakers (including Frank Wijnen, Sergey Avrutin, Ken Wexler,
Ingeborg Lasser, Jeannette Schaeffer) present their views on these
issues, followed by a discussion. Furthermore, we plan to design
experiments for various languages to test the predictions that follow
from the presented theories."

If you are interested to participate, please contact Jeannette
Schaeffer (see below).

A more detailed announcement, including the schedule, the exact format
etc. of the workshop will follow soon.

Jeannette C. Schaeffer
MIT - Department of Linguistics and Philosophy
18 Vassar Street 20C-228
Cambridge, MA 02139
Phone:	(617) 253-2559
Fax:	(617) 253-5017
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Message 2: Literacy, Media, and Language Change

Date: Tue, 03 Dec 1996 14:40:47 +0100
From: "Organisator" <>
Subject: Literacy, Media, and Language Change

A special session on Literacy, Media, and Language Change is planned
as a part of the XIII International Conference on Historical
Linguistics. This session will deal with all media-induced linguistic
change. The more traditional literacy debate is included, as well as
computer (email, etc.) induced language change. If you wish to
contribute a paper to this special event, please contact the
organizers at:

The XIII ICHL will be held from 10-17 August at the
Heinrich-Heine-Universitaet in Duesseldorf, Germany Please contact the
organizers at the above address for circulars and any further
information, or visit our web site at:
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Message 3: ***** Going Romance 1996 (FINAL PROGRAM!!) *****

Date: Thu, 05 Dec 1996 14:28:58 +0100
From: "M. de Wind" <>
Subject: ***** Going Romance 1996 (FINAL PROGRAM!!) *****
 *** GOING ROMANCE 1996 ***

 Research Institute for Language and Speech (OTS Utrecht)
 Holland Institute of Generative Linguistics (HIL)
 Sponsored by NWO & KNAW

 Utrecht, December 12 - 14


 ***December 12, morning session:
 8.50 - 9.20:Registration

 9.20 - 9.30:Wiecher Zwanenburg (Dean, Faculty of Arts, Utrecht

 9.30 - 10.30:Ian Roberts (invited speaker, Univ. of Stuttgart): Old
 French V2 revisited

 10-30 - 11.10:Heloisa Salles (Bangor): On the correlation between
 Preposition Stranding and Double Object Constructions in Romance

 11.30 - 12.10: Gabriela Ardisson Matos (Univ. de Lisboa): ATB Clitic
 Placement in European Portuguese: A comparative approach

 12.10 - 12.50: Luis Silva-Villar (UCLA): Morphology and syntax of
 Romance imperatives: an incomplete history

 ***December 12, afternoon session:
 14.20 - 15.00: Geraldine Legendre (John Hopkins, Baltimore): Optimal
 clitics and verb movement in Romanian

 15.00 - 15.40: Yves d' Hulst, Martine Coene, Liliane Tasmowski (UIA,
 Antwerpen): Case Checking and Romanian Possessive Article

 16.00 - 16.40: Pino Longobardi (Univ. di Venezia): Generative syntax
 and etymology: UG and the history of French /CHEZ/

 16.40 - 17.40: Carmen Dobrovie-Sorin (invited speaker, Univ. de
 Paris-VII): Types of predicates and the interpretation of bare NPs

 ***December 13, morning session:
 9.30 - 10.30: Gennaro Chierchia (invited speaker, Univ. di Milano):
 Reference to kinds and bare partitives

 10.30 - 11.10: Paul Rowlett (Salford): A non-overt negative operator
 in French

 11.30 - 12.10: Jeanne Cornillon (SOAS London): Negative Concord Terms
 vs. Expletives in Negative Chains and the Principle of FI

 12.10 - 12.50: Dimitra Kolliakou (Univ. of Groningen): DE-phrase
 extraction and nominal denotation type

 ***December 13, afternoon session:
 14.20 - 15.00: Randall Gess (Univ. of Utah): Why NOCODA is not
 vowel-to-syllable alignment

 15.00 - 15.40: Anna Gavarr# (UAB Barcelona): Word order alternations
 and feature assignment in bilingual Catalan acquisition

 16.00 - 16.40: Gerhard Brugger (UCLA / Univ. of Vienna): Present
 Perfect Types and the theory of expletive auxiliary

 16.40 - 17.20: Alessandra Giorgi & Fabio Pianesi (IRST / Trento): The
 syntactic properties of temporal expressions

 ***December 14, morning session
 9.30 - 10.30: Viviane D#prez (invited speaker, Rutgers): Parallel
 asymmetries and indefinite licensing

 10.30 - 11.10: Denis Bouchard (UQAM): The distribution and
 interpretation of adjectives in French


 11.30 - 12.10: Joao Costa (Univ. of Leiden): Focus in situ: Evidence
 from Portuguese
 12.10 - 12.50: Rita Manzini & LJUBA.M. Savoia (Univ. di Firenze / UC
 London): Null subjects without pro: A Merge vs. Move parameter

 ***December 14, afternoon session
 14.20 - 15.00: M. Carme Picallo (UAB Barcelona): Economy principles
 and pleonastic subjects in pro-drop languages

 15.00 - 15.40: Ricardo Echepare (Univ. of Maryland): Speech Act
 Modifiers and the syntax of propositional attitudes


 16.00 - 17.00: Esther Torrego (invited speaker, Univ. of Massachusetts):
 Minimalist solutions to old problems

 George Tsoulas & Thierry Etchegoyhen (Univ. of York): Theticity,
 definite descriptions and some apparent definiteness violations in
 French unaccusative impersonal constructions
 Valerie Amary (Univ. de Paris-III): The French specific null object

 Location: Room 0.06 at Kromme Nieuwegracht 80, Utrecht

 Registration: The registration fee will be HFL 50.--
 Registration at the conference site

 The Organizing Committee:
 Frank Drijkoningen (OTS/Department of Romance)
 Brigitte Kampers-Manhe (Univ. of Groningen)
 Josep Quer (OTS)
 Jan Schroten (OTS/Department of Romance)
 Maarten de Wind (HIL/University of Amsterdam)

 Phone: ++31-30-2536006
 Fax: ++31-30-2536000
 Postal address: Research Institute for Language and Speech (OTS)
 Trans 10, 3512 JK Utrecht (The Netherlands)
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