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Sun Dec 8 1996

Qs: Intonation studies, Cardinaletti, Oral approximants

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  1., queries about intonation studies
  2. elisa vazquez iglesias, Cardinaletti's article
  3., Question:Devoicing of oral approximants

Message 1: queries about intonation studies

Date: Mon, 02 Dec 1996 20:36:54 CST
From: <>
Subject: queries about intonation studies
Dear linguist friends, 

I'm planning to do research on the role of intonation in pedagogical
discourse for my doctoral dissertation. The data would include both
Chinese and English ones. Would anyone offer ANY suggestions, comments
or advices regarding either the topic per se, or recommend some
relevant reference books? Specifically I'd like to get information
about bibliographical recources on DISCOURSE AND INTONATION -- or,
certainly post a summary. Thank you in advance.

Also, can anyone give me the email address of D. Brazil in University
of Birmingham, UK? Presumably, it would be ideal for Dr. Brazil
HIMSELF to read this inquiry of mine and let me know, for I'm
particularly interested in the following two papers of his, which,
however, I can have no access to here in CHina:

Brazil, D. 1975. Discourse Intonation. Discourse Analysis Monographs
1, English Language Research, University of Birmingham.

Brazil, D. 1978. Discourse Intonation II. Discourse Analysis
Monographs 2, English Language Research, University of Birmingham.

I've found the titles of these two papers in Butler (1985) and I
believe that they should be of special help for my research. Would it
be possible for Dr. Brazil to send me a copy of each? Again, many
thanks in advance.

Please feel free to contact me at this email address. Best wishes.

ZUo Yan<>
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Message 2: Cardinaletti's article

Date: Tue, 03 Dec 1996 17:53:19 +0100
From: elisa vazquez iglesias <>
Subject: Cardinaletti's article

Dear linguists,

I am trying to find Cardinaletti & Starke's article "Deficient
pronouns: A View from Germanic. A Study in the Unified Description of
Germanic and Romance". Could anyone supply me with a copy of this paper,
or, else, give me Cardinaletti's e-mail address?

Thanks in advance.

		Elisa Vazquez Iglesias
		Universidad de Santiago de Compostela
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Message 3: Question:Devoicing of oral approximants

Date: Thu, 05 Dec 1996 15:05:20 +0100
From: <>
Subject: Question:Devoicing of oral approximants

Finch & Ortiz (1982) argue that oral approximants are devoiced when
preceded by a fortis plosive in an accented syllable and slightly
devoiced if they are preceded by a fortis plosive in an unaccented
position (p. 53). On page 61 they provide the transcription of the
words "pRoduction" and "interpRetation" and although both sounds
appear in an unaccented position, which means that they are slightly
devoiced, they mark the devoicing of the "R" in the second case, but
do not signal it in the first. Is there any explanation for that
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