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Mon Dec 9 1996

FYI: Doctoral student position(Goeteborg), Fellowship(Rice)

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  1. Joakim Nivre, Job: Position for doctoral student in linguistics
  2. Suzanne E Kemmer, doct. fellowship competition

Message 1: Job: Position for doctoral student in linguistics

Date: Thu, 05 Dec 1996 17:00:23 +0100
From: Joakim Nivre <>
Subject: Job: Position for doctoral student in linguistics

The Department of Linguistics, Goeteborg University has a four
year position at full salary to support a doctoral student
studying for a PhD in the department. The duties associated with
the position are to conduct research towards the degree and
(currently) a small amount of teaching and administration. The
successful candidate should be admitted to the PhD program at the
time of taking up the position if he/she is not already a
doctoral student in the department.

The department has an active research programme in a number of
areas (spoken language, semantics, pragmatics, computational
linguistics, formal grammar, neurolinguistics, sociolinguistics,
psycholinguistics and inter-cultural communication) led by the
following faculty members:

Jens Allwood (spoken language, semantics, pragmatics) Elisabeth
Ahlsen (neurolinguistics) Sally Boyd (sociolinguistics) Robin
Cooper (computational linguistics, semantics, pragmatics)
Elisabet Engdahl (formal grammar, semantics, pragmatics) Joakim
Nivre (computational linguistics, semantics, pragmatics) Sven
Stroemqvist (psycholinguistics)

Further information about the department can be obtained on our
webpage (

Applicants from outside the department should provide:
 1) copies of up to three 3
 publications/dissertations/term-papers 2) two letters of
 recommendation to be sent separately 3) a statement of
 purpose 4) a CV 5) transcripts of courses if available or
 a list of university
 courses they have taken.

Applicants from within the department should provide similar
information except that they do not need letters of

Applications should be sent to Sven Stroemqvist, Department of
Linguistics, Goeteborg University, S-412 98 Goeteborg, Sweden.
(email: A formal application must be made by
11th December to Registrator, Goeteborg University, Vasaparken,
S-411 24 Goeteborg, Sweden, on a form to be obtained from Carina
Faegersten (phone: +46-31-773 1036).
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Message 2: doct. fellowship competition

Date: Thu, 05 Dec 1996 20:22:02 CST
From: Suzanne E Kemmer <>
Subject: doct. fellowship competition


The Department of Linguistics announces the opening of
competition for admission and doctoral fellowships for 1997-1998.

The Ph.D. program at Rice emphasizes the study of language use,
the relation of language and mind, and functional approaches to
linguistic theory and description. A strong component of the
program is field studies in particular language areas. Areas of
intensive research activity in the department include
cognitive/functional linguistics; in-depth study of the languages
of North and South America, the Pacific, and Africa; language
universals and typology; language change and grammaticalization
studies; lexical semantics; corpus linguistics; computational
modeling; neurolinguistics; discourse studies; and second
language acquisition.

Interdisciplinary opportunities are available with the
Ph.D. programs in Cognitive Psychology, Philosophy, Anthropology,
the interdisciplinary group in Cognitive Sciences, and the Center
for Cultural Studies.

Recent visitors in the department's distinguished speakers series
have included Colette Craig, Scott De Lancey, John Robert Ross,
Russell Tomlin, Elizabeth Traugott, and Linda Waugh.

The department also sponsors a biennial Symposium on
Language. The March 1997 Symposium, organized by Spike Gildea,
will be on "The Interface between Comparative Linguistics and
Grammaticalization: Languages of the Americas". Distinguished
speakers from four continents will discuss issues in the
classification and typology of North and South American Indian
languages, with particular reference to grammaticalization

The most recent symposium, for which the volume of selected
papers will shortly be available, was on "Usage-Based Models of
Language". Participants included Mira Ariel, Joan Bybee, Douglas
Biber, John Du Bois, Sydney Lamb, Ronald Langacker, Brian
MacWhinney, Janet Pierrehumbert, T. Givon, and Arie Verhagen.

The department offers support in the form of tuition waivers and
fellowships to qualified doctoral students. Both U.S. and
international applicants are admitted on the same basis, and
financial aid is not restricted to U.S. citizens. Current
doctoral candidates include not only U.S. students but also
students from Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, and
Korea. Prospective students of diverse linguistic backgrounds are
encouraged to apply.

Students enjoy access to departmental computer facilities; the
department and university's excellent Linguistics collections
(including a huge library of descriptive grammars); funds for
conference travel; and photocopying accounts.

Graduate housing next to campus is available; students can also
take advantage of the affordable rental market in Houston, the
nation's fourth largest city. With its many immigrant
communities, the city provides not only wonderful opportunities
for fieldwork, but also for sampling a vast array of
international cuisines (also affordable).

Applications are available from the following addresses:

Ursula Keierleber, Coordinator
Department of Linguistics
Rice University
6100 Main St.
Houston TX 77005-1892

TELEPHONE: (713) 527-6010

Graduate Record Examination scores must be received by the
department by March 1, 1997. Two letters of recommendation from
relevant faculty are also required.


For more information about the program, see the department's
web page at:
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