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Wed Dec 11 1996

Qs: Invented Languages, Dative shift, Contact info

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  1. Lisa Stevenson, Invented Languages
  2. Centro Multimediale Fac. Lingue/U. di Genova, dative shift
  3. Greville Corbett, Contact info

Message 1: Invented Languages

Date: Tue, 10 Dec 96 14:36:06 EST
From: Lisa Stevenson <>
Subject: Invented Languages

Hello all--

I am putting together a reading list for an independent study
course on invented languages, including Esperanto, sign language,
twinspeak, and some science fiction efforts such as Klingon. If
anyone knows of any good resources--books, articles, conference
proceedings--could you please send the references to me?

Lisa Stevenson
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Message 2: dative shift

Date: Wed, 11 Dec 1996 16:47:39 +0100
From: Centro Multimediale Fac. Lingue/U. di Genova <>
Subject: dative shift

I'm doing some cross-linguistic research on dative shift in
languages other than English. In particular, I'm interested in
languages which do not make use of applicative morphemes. Could
anyone speaking a language which allows dative shift answer the
following questions? (Please, make some examples for each
question or translate my English examples)

a. Are all diatransitive verbs dativizable? If they are not, have
you got any idea as to how to distinguish dativizable verbs from
non dativizable verbs?

b. Is the order of the two internal objects in a DOC (Double
Object Construction)fixed?

Does your language have:

c. symmetric passive (=1. and 2. both acceptable)?

1. John was given a watch.
2. (*)A watch was given John.

d. symmetric wh-movement?

3. What did you give John?
4. *Who did you give the watch?

e. symmetric Heavy NP Shift?

5. Mary gave to John the most expensive watch she had.
6. *Mary gave the book the best pupil in her class.

f. symmetric binding?

7. ?John showed each other's friends to Bill and Mary.
8. *Jim showed each other's friends Bill and Mary.
9. John showed Mary to herself.
10. *John showed herself to Mary.
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Message 3: Contact info

Date: Wed, 11 Dec 1996 15:09:52 +0000
From: Greville Corbett <>
Subject: Contact info

Can anyone tell me how to contact Don Hutchisson? He has worked on
Sursurunga under the auspices of SIL.

(I have checked the usual sources).


Greville Corbett (

Greville G. Corbett
Department of Linguistic and International Studies
University of Surrey
Guildford email:
Surrey, GU2 5XH FAX: +44 1483 302605
Great Britain phone: +44 1483 300800 ext 2849
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