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 Galloway, Teresa and Justin Spence (eds.), PROCEEDINGS FROM SEMANTICS
 AND LINGUISTIC THEORY VI. 1996, 346 pp., paperbound cost: $18.00
 (students), $20.00 (non-students), plus shipping

 SALT VI was held at Rutgers University on April 26-28, 1996. This
 proceedings volume includes papers by the following authors: Samuel
 Bayer, Daniel Buring, Donka Farkas and Anastasia Giannakidou, Tim
 Fernando and Hans Kamp, Nissim Francez and Yoad Winter, Herman
 Hendriks, Martin Honcoop, Pauline Jacobson, Manfred Krifka, Peter
 Lasersohn, Renate Musan, Manfred Pinkal, Mats Rooth, Yael Sharvit,
 Mandy Simons, Beverly Spejewski, Robert Stalnaker, Yoad Winter, Dag
 E. Wold, and Sandro Zucchi and Michael White.

 To find out how to order this volume, or to receive a complete catalog
 of titles available from CLC Publications, send e-mail to


Bernard Laks (Paris-X) & Jacques Durand (Toulouse-Le Mirail)

CURRENT TRENDS IN PHONOLOGY : Models and methods (Proceedings of
the Royaumont meeting 1995)

The two volumes making up the Proceedings are now available from:

The Secretary European Studies Research Institute (ESRI) Crescent
House University of Salford Salford M5 4WT UK Email:

The cost will be =A320 (including postage). Please note that the
two volumes can only be sold together.

The contents of the two volumes is as follows:

Durand, Jacques & Bernard Laks (eds.)(1996) CURRENT TRENDS IN
PHONOLOGY: MODELS AND METHODS (2 volumes) European Studies
Research Institute, University of Salford Publications.


VOLUME I ISBN Number for complete set of 2 volumes: 1 901 471 00
4 ISBN Number for this volume: 1 901 471 01 2

Preface Jacques Durand & Bernard Laks (pp 1-2)

Why phonology is one Jacques Durand & Bernard Laks (3-14)

Stress and constituency: the case of Portuguese Ernesto d'Andrade
& Bernard Laks (15-42)

Ockham's razor in Danish phonology: vowel features and r-
colouring Hans Basb=FEll (43-68)

Lexical phonology and the derivational residue Geert Booij

Surface constraints versus underlying representation Luigi Burzio

A subsymbolic approach to phonological primitives Joaquim Brandao
de Carvalho & Marc Klein (123-142)

An integrated approach to phonology and phonetics G.N. Clements &
Susan R. Hertz (143-174)

Declarative syllabification in Tashlhit Berber John Coleman

Nonsyllabic transitional vocoid in Imdlawn Tashlhiyt Berber Dell,
Fran=87ois & Mohamed Elmedlaoui (217-244)

Learnability and phonological theory B. Elan Dresher (245-266)

Tone in Mituku: How a floating tone nailed down an intermediate
level John Goldsmith (267-280)

Psychophonology Michael Hammond & Emmanuel Dupoux (281-304)

Phonological output is redundancy-free and fully interpretable
John Harris (305-332)

The segment-syllable connection Harry van der Hulst (333-362)

Base-identity and uniform exponence: alternatives to cyclicity
Michael Kenstowicz (363-394)

VOLUME II ISBN Number for this volume: 1 901 471 02 0

Analytic models in phonology

Andr s Kornai (395-418)

CV as the only syllable type

Jean Lowenstamm (419-442)

Testing government phonology ou pourquoi le choix du schwa

Chantal Lyche & Jacques Durand (443-472)

External allomorphy as the emergence of the unmarked

Joan Mascar=A2 (473-485)

Is French optimal? A question concerning phonological process
order Roland Noske (485-508)

The inadequacy of filters and faithfulness in loanword adaptation
Carole Paradis (509-534)

Laboratory phonology

Janet Pierrehumbert, Mary Beckman & D.R. Ladd (535-548)

Implications of Hindi prosodic structure

Janet Pierrehumbert & Rami Nair (549-584)

De l'interaction des contraintes: une =82tude de cas

Marc Pl=82nat (585-616)

Some core properties of Semitic morphology:

Evidence from the far south Jean-Fran=87ois Prunet (617-652)

Optimality theory and learning algorithms:

The representation of recurrent featural asymmetries

Douglas Pulleyblank & William J. Turkel (653-684)

Key aspects of declarative phonology James M. Scobbie, John
Coleman & Stephen Bird (685-710)

Rules vs contraints: a case-study Bernard Tranel (711-730)

Prosodic alternations in English morphophonology:

a constraint-based account of morpheme integrity

Richard Wiese (731-756)

Lexicon optimization in languages without alternations Moira Yip
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