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Wed Dec 18 1996

FYI: Italian ling, OTS Dissertation Series

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  1. Stefania Spina, New web page on italian linguistics
  2. LOT (Annette Nijstad), OTS Dissertation Series

Message 1: New web page on italian linguistics

Date: Sun, 15 Dec 1996 14:21:28 +0000
From: Stefania Spina <>
Subject: New web page on italian linguistics

[Apologies if you receive multiple copies of this.]

I'm pleased to announce a new Web Page concerning italian linguistics,
whose name is 'Linguaggio e Comunicazione'. You can visit it at the

Its main resource is my HTML version of 1872-73 linguistics
unpublished lessons of italian linguist Giovanni Flechia
(1811-1892). I've been working on the original manuscript (226 pages
written by a student of the University of Torino) since 1992 (I first
converted it in electronic format, then I decided to put it on the
Internet and offer it to all the interested linguists).

The subject of these lessons (in italian) deals with latin and italian
morphology, with many digressions on italian dialects. The linguistic
relevance of the text is great, because Flechia was probably, in those
years well known as fundamental for the birth of italian language
science, the only linguist who can be "compared" to G.I. Ascoli, the
father of italian linguistics.

My pages are (for the moment) only in italian and contain also:

a) a small archive on language-concerning articles published by
italian newspapers;

b) information and data on my paper about the feminine names of job in
italian literature.

Any comments and suggestions are welcomed.
- ---------------------------
Stefania Spina
Perugia - Italy
- ---------------------------
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Message 2: OTS Dissertation Series

Date: Tue, 17 Dec 1996 09:57:01 +0100
From: LOT (Annette Nijstad) <>
Subject: OTS Dissertation Series

OTS-Dissertation Series

The Research Institute for Language and Speech (OTS) from Utrecht
University (The Netherlands) regularly publishes dissertations from
its (former) PhD students. This mail includes the updated list of all
OTS dissertations. For detailed information about the dissertations we
refer to our web pages:

Prices: A copy of a dissertation costs:

for indivuals: Dfl. 30,-
for institutions: Dfl. 40,-

Ordering information can be found at the bottom of this announcement

Research Institute for Language and Speech
Utrecht University
Trans 10
3512 JK Utrecht
The Netherlands

phone: +31-30-2536006
fax: +31-30-2536000

OTS Dissertation Series

1.	Joost Zwarts		X'-Syntax - X'-Semantics
			1992, 252 pp., ISBN:90-5434-006-1 (paperback)

2.	Eddy Ruys		The Scope of Indefinites
			1993, 225 pp., ISBN:90-5434-008-8 (paperback)

3.	Jan Don		 Morphological Conversion
			1993, 227 pp., ISBN:90-5434-011-8 (paperback)

4.	Charlotte Koster	Errors in Anaphora Acquisition
			1993, 186 pp., ISBN: 90-5434-015-0 (paperback)

5.	Erik-Jan van der Linden	A Categorial, Computational Theory of 
			1993, 232 pp., ISBN: 90-5434-019-3 (paperback)

6.	Ad Neeleman		Complex Predicates
			1994, 362 pp., ISBN 90-5434-024-X (paperback)

7.	Guus de Krom		Acoustic Correlates of Breathiness 
				and Roughness
			1994, 145 pp., ISBN 90-5434-022-3 (paperback)

8.	Kees Vermeulen		Explorations of the Dynamic Environment
			1994, 265 pp., ISBN 90-5434-030-4 (paperback)

9.	Dominique Nouveau	Language Acquisition, Metrical Theory, 
				and Optimality. A Study of Dutch Word 
			1994, 263 pp., ISBN 90-5434-026-6 (paperback)

10.	Ludmilla Menert		Experiments on Voice Assimilation in 
				Dutch: Prosodic Structures and Tempo
			1994, 165 pp., ISBN 90-5434-033-9 (paperback)

11.	Andre Schenk		Idioms and Collocations in Compositional
			1994, 180 pp., ISBN 90-5434-034-5 (paperback)

12.	Kurtonina, Natasha	Frames and Labels
			1994, 174 pp., ISBN 90-7479528-5 (paperback)

13.	Peter Ackema		Syntax below Zero
			1995, 354 pp., ISBN 90-5434-037-1 (paperback)

14. 	Aarts, Erik		Investigation in Logic, Language and 
			1995, 131 pp., ISBN 90-5435-051-7 (paperback)

15.	Janet Grijzenhout	Irish Consonant Mutation and Phonological 
			1995, 232 pp., ISBN 90-5434-039-8 (paperback)

16.	Eleonora Blaauw		On the Perceptual Classification of 
				Spontanous and Read Speech
			1995, 209 pp., ISBN 90-5434-046-0 (paperback)

17.	Maaike Schoorlemmer	Participial Passive and Aspect in 
			1995, 377 pp., ISBN: 90-5434-050-9 (paperback)

18.	Maria de los Angeles 	Lefthand Satellites in Spanish
	Escobar Alvarez		
			1995, 181 pp., ISBN: 90-5434-048-7 (paperback)

19	W.P.M. Meyer Viol	Instantial Logic: An Investigation into
			1995, 215pp., ISBN: 90-5434-042-8 (paperback)

20.	Margreet Joyce Sanders	Intonation Contour Choice in English
			1996, 191pp., ISBN: 90-5434-052-5 (paperback)

21.	Ellen-Petra Kester	The Nature of Adjectival Inflection
			1996, 328 pp., ISBN: 90-5434-055-X (paperback)

22.	Koen Versmissen		Grammatical Composition: Modes, Models,
			1996, 328 pp., ISBN: 90-5434-056-8 (paperback)

23.	Holtman, Astrid		A Generative Theory of Rhyme: An 
				Optimality Approach
			1996, 316 pp., ISBN 90-5434-061-4 (paperback)

Copies can be ordered at the following address:

Utrecht University
Research Institute for Language and Speech (OTS)
Trans 10	
3512 JK Utrecht
The Netherlands

Prepayment is required on all orders. Payment must be made in Dutch
currency, preferable by VISA or Eurocard/Master/Acces. Payment by giro
is possible, but costly from outside of Holland (please send to giro:
564085. Address: University of Utrecht, Faculty of Arts, Kromme
Nieuwegracht 46, 3512 HJ Utrecht, The Netherlands. Please make mention
of: centercode 121.08)

Prices include postage and handling. Outside Europe books will be sent
by surface mail. Add f5.- per copy if you want them sent by airmail.

You can place your order by fax, regular or electronic mail using the
order form below. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Order Form



city:					(state:)

zip code:					country:

phone:			fax:			e-mail:

Make sure that the above address is the address to which we can send
your order (and the address on your credit card).

1.	title:						author/eds:
	ISBN:					price of copy:		
				airmail postage outside Europe:

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	ISBN:					price of copy:		
				airmail postage outside Europe:

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							Total Amount:

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			expiry date

Place:			Date:			Signature:

Send to:

Utrecht University
Research Institute for Language and Speech (OTS)
Trans 10
3512 JK Utrecht
The Netherlands


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Landelijke Onderzoekschool Taalwetenschap
Netherlands Graduate School of Linguistics

 Trans 10
 3512 JK Utrecht
 Phone: +31 30 2536006
 Fax: +31 30 2536000
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