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Wed Dec 18 1996

Qs: Holiday words, Algonquian, North Korea

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  1. doctor, Holiday words
  2. Kip Knight, Algonquian
  3. yunomi, North Korean texts

Message 1: Holiday words

Date: Mon Dec 16 19:35:01 1996 (GMT + 0530)
From: doctor <>
Subject: Holiday words

Dear Fellow-linguists,
 I am forwarding a rather curious mail. The
Lab where I work wants to collect all possible ways of saying
 in all possible european Languages.
 Any chance of getting this information. If the treasure trove is
big, I promise, I'll post a giant summary on the LIST.
 Alternatively if there is already a site where such information
occurs, could you please send me the node IP.
 Thanks in advance and MERRY CHRISTMAS to all,

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Message 2: Algonquian

Date: Mon, 16 Dec 1996 14:29:13 +0000
From: Kip Knight < LH"">"McCoy LH">
Subject: Algonquian

Dear Friends,
	I am working on a short story about a young Algonquian man who
runs into some troubles concerning an old Algonquian tradition
involving the exchange of gifts useing Nolmihigons.
	This is what I need. Any and all information concerning
animals and their spiritual signifigance; as pertaining to Algonquian
beliefs, with special attention to any which signify mischief. Also
any which signify or convay the feeling of reverance will help also.
	I would be also interested in information concerning any other
legends which might help in this endever. I am trying to make this
story as accurate as possable, useing a bit of creative licence as
well. This story takes place in modern times, but will intail the
knowledge and wisdom of this youth's grandfather.
	If you have any suggestions concerning even the location of
the story, it would be very welcome. I look forward to recieving any
responces to my request.

With Thanks, Kip
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Message 3: North Korean texts

Date: Sun, 15 Dec 1996 21:04:29 -0600
From: yunomi <>
Subject: North Korean texts

Dear linguists,

I'm writing a thesis on the language policies of North and South Korea
regarding the use of Chinese characters and the standardization of
Romanization. I would like to include some text analyses as part of
my investigation, but as you can imagine, it's not easy to get a hold
of North Korean texts. I do know for a fact that many do exist
outside of N. Korea - I've seen them cited in several
bibliographies. Just how to get a hold of these works is the question.

Can anyone point me to where/how/from whom I can get a hold of
genuine, untranslated North Korean texts (pamphlets, newspapers,
dictionaries, transcribed speeches, etc.)?

Even cooler...if anyone has contact info on any of those N. Koreans
who've escaped from N.K. and have toured the U.S./world relating their
story (I know this is a long-shot), please let me know.

Thanks for any response,
Esther H. Kim
Graduate student
University of Texas at Arlington
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