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Wed Dec 25 1996

Disc: Verb Classes

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  1. Jules Levin, Re: 7.1780, Sum: Verb Classes

Message 1: Re: 7.1780, Sum: Verb Classes

Date: Wed, 18 Dec 1996 19:30:09 -0500
From: Jules Levin <>
Subject: Re: 7.1780, Sum: Verb Classes

I seem to be getting Linguist only irregularly, and just discovered this
discussion in the Sum. re VErb Classes. Unless I missed something, the
conclusions seem to reflect the view of Mel'chuk about the primacy of
Lexicon (with valences for verbs) over formal classes in a formal
grammatical structure. The discoveries (??!!!) for French and English,
certainly also true for Russian, is that the deeper we get into *meaning*,
the more it is clear that each verb has its own "grammar". 
A cognitive semantic interpretative approach to the verb system will
ultimately be both more insightful and closer to language as she is...
Jules Levin
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