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Thu Jan 4 1996

FYI: SILKey for Mac, Shareware Windows concordance program

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  1., Announcing SILKey for Macintosh
  2. =?ISO-2022-JP?B?GyRCSU04fSEhP3IbKEI=?=, Shareware Windows concordance program av

Message 1: Announcing SILKey for Macintosh

Date: Wed, 03 Jan 1996 11:18:00 EST
From: <>
Subject: Announcing SILKey for Macintosh
Announcing SILKey for Macintosh
- -----------------------------

SILKey is a suite of programs that can be used to modify the behavior
of the Macintosh keyboard when typing in any standard Macintosh word
processor or other text-editing program. Written by Jonathan Kew, it
is very similar to, but is not based on, the KeyMan program for

The SILKey system has four components:

 - SILKey Extension: a small extension that allows SILKey to
monitor the key sequences being typed, no matter what application is
in use.
 - SILKey: the application that actually processes the keystrokes
as you type, following the instructions in a keyboard file.
 - Weaver: the keyboard editor and compiler.
 - Documentation: text and tutorial on using SILKey and writing
keyboard files.

Features of the SILKey system:

 - Support for complex, multiple key sequences
 - Support for context sensitive data entry
 - Can prevent illegal character combinations from being entered
into a document
 - Keyboard behaviors can be linked to new or existing Macintosh
system keyboard files
 - Syntax very similar to KeyMan for Windows
 - Works in any Macintosh application
 - Requires very little memory or disk space

System Requirements

 Mac OS System 7.


SILKey is copyrighted freeware and may be freely distributed, but not
sold for profit.

(1) It is available electronically (via FTP) at this URL: [179K]

 or use the pointer from the SILKey Info Web page at this URL:

(2) Instructions if you use a command-line FTP client: 

 FTP to and log in as anonymous.

 Do these commands:

 cd [.software.mac]
 get silkey_sea.hqx

(3) To get it by e-mail, send a message to containing
this command:

 send []silkey_sea.hqx

(4) SILKey is also available on diskette for a nominal charge -

 User Support
 SIL International Publishing Services
 7500 W. Camp Wisdom Road, Dallas, TX 75236, U.S.A.
 Phone: (214) 709-2495; fax: (214) 709-3388; e-mail:
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Message 2: Shareware Windows concordance program av

Date: Thu, 04 Jan 1996 00:41:57 +0900
From: =?ISO-2022-JP?B?GyRCSU04fSEhP3IbKEI=?= <>
Subject: Shareware Windows concordance program av

My shareware/freeware concordance programs are available on the
Internet. These programs are called "KKC series." GUI based shareware
program will be called "Corpus Wizard."

!!These programs is basically a kind of "FIND" tools. You have to get
text files first!!

KKC for DOS : Free software
 This program will produce a concordance in a "Keyword in Context"
format. Search term can be a word(or a part of a word), or a phrase.

 usage C:\>KKC -options Keyword [-e Keyword] files|files

Some tools which enable you to sort concordance,etc. will be

KKC for Win16/Win32 (Corpus Wizard): Shareware
 These programs can;
 (1) produce concordance in "Keyword in Context" or "Keyword Out of
	Context" formats.
 (2) handle a group of words as one keyword.
 (3) sort KWIC concordance in alphabetical order. You can choose the
 reference position from these 11 candidates; the position of the
 keyword, and each 5 words right and left to the keyword.
 (4) count the number of collocates occurring in positions which are
 the same positions used as the reference position in sort
 function. Count can be done after getting the KWIC concordance.
 (5) convert KWIC concordance in TSV(Tab separated value) or
 CSV(comma separated value) formats.
 (6) save the results to a text file or output to a printer.

Registered users can enjoy some convenient search functions.

One remaining problem is that HELP files are written in
Japanese. There are patches to English message Edition of executable
files. The English version with HELP file in English will be available
this year.

These programs are posted by the editors of the book titled "PACK
10000" to //THE COMMON for software

 and its mirror sites

WWW may be provided in Japanese.

The latest versions are posted to Japanese major commercial networks,
NIFTY- Serve and PC-VAN. KKC for Win16/32 ver.0.20 will be posted on
January 17, 1996.

Questions and comments on these programs should be sent to me by
email. The contents of your mail will be shared with other users.

=== HAMAGUCHI, Takashi ========
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