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Thu Jan 4 1996

FYI: Names/naming, E-journal for intercultural 2nd lg teaching

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  1. TB0EXC1MVS.CSO.NIU.EDU, names legislation
  2. Manfred Prokop, An electronic journal for intercultural second language teaching

Message 1: names legislation

Date: Thu, 04 Jan 1996 14:48:00 CST
Subject: names legislation
I accidentally discarded my messages before recording the surface mail
addresses of several correspondents. So, to those of you who had
requested further information and expressed an interest in preparing
an article on recent legislation regarding names and naming, please
re-post your addresses and I will be in touch. Sorry for the
inconvenience; I do appreciate the interest.

Edward Callary Phone: 815-753-6627
Editor, NAMES Fax: 815-753-0606
English Department Internet:
Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, Il 60115-2863
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Message 2: An electronic journal for intercultural second language teaching

Date: Thu, 04 Jan 1996 14:51:45 PST
From: Manfred Prokop <Manfred.ProkopUAlberta.CA>
Subject: An electronic journal for intercultural second language teaching

January 4, 1995

Dear colleagues,

After months of planning and consultations with experts in the field,
the undersigned are launching an ELECTRONIC Journal for Intercultural
Second/Foreign Language Teaching: Didactics and Methodology for German
as a Foreign Language (Zeitschrift f=FCr Interkulturellen
Fremdsprachenunterricht: Didaktik und Methodik im Bereich Deutsch als
Fremdsprache). The first number is expected to be published on May 1,

There is a demo of the journal on the Net already: The address is

We are inviting you to consider submitting a contributions in English,
German or French for publication to this strictly refereed

If you are interested in obtaining more detail, please do not hesitate
to e-mail us. We would be pleased to send you information on the
layout, the target clientele, the members of the Editorial Board who
will ensure a high standard for this publication, and so on.

The Journal's focus will be the intercultural approach (ISLT) to
teaching second/foreign languages, and there is much that the social
sciences and cultural sciences can bring to this approach. We are
therefore inviting papers (ca. 13,000 words in length) on all aspects
second language teaching. Invited are contributions from the many
fields of second language teaching, education, all sub-areas of
linguistics, psychology, literature, anthropology, etc.

There will be three numbers per year with about six formal papers
each. The Journal will also contain sections with reviews; an
electronic discussion forum; a pre-publication section for papers on
which the authors invite critical comments; reports on conferences and
on relevant work in other journals; research projects in ISLT; news
from professional organizations, etc. We expect to work closely with
professional associations in second language teaching all over the

Access to most parts of the Journal will be free. A modest
subscription fee, to cover the administrative costs of publishing this
Journal, will be required for access to all parts.

We hope to hear from you soon! Please pass this announcement on to
colleagues who might be interested.

Manfred Prokop (Manfred & Britta Hufeisen
( Co-editors, ZIFU

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