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Thu Feb 8 1996

Confs: Controlled Lg Applications

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  1. Bruno Tersago, First International Workshop on Controlled Language Applications

Message 1: First International Workshop on Controlled Language Applications

Date: Thu, 08 Feb 1996 14:11:46 +0100
From: Bruno Tersago <>
Subject: First International Workshop on Controlled Language Applications
The First International Workshop on Controlled Language
Applications will take place on 26 and 27 March 1996 at the
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium).

Through the LRE-2 project SECC (simplified English Grammar
Checker/Corrector, the EC is sponsoring the first edition of the
International Workshop on Controlled Language Applications
(CLAW96). Goal of the workshop is to bring together researchers
and developers (both academic and industrial), as well as users
and potential users of applications that incorporate a form of
controlled language.

The two-day workshop will feature 23 presentations of ongoing
work, as well as demonstrations of commercially available systems
and systems in development.

More information can be obtained at:

c/o Centre for Computational Linguistics
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Maria-Theresiastraat 21
B-3000 Leuven

tel: +32-16-32.50.88
fax: +32-16-32.50.98

Here is the preliminary programme for the workshop:

 		TUESDAY 26 MARCH 1996

 9.00 : Registration + Coffee

 9.45 : Opening by Prof. M. Debrock, Head of the Linguistics Department

Session 1 - AECMA SE: definition, tools, user experiences

10.00 : Gordon Farrington (British Aerospace Airbus - UK)
 "AECMA Simplified English: an Overview of the International
 Aircraft Maintenance Language"

10.45 : Richard Wojcik & Heather Holmback (Boeing - USA)
 "Getting a Controlled Language Off the Ground at Boeing"

11.10 : Gregoire Clemencin, Lee Humphreys & Simon Sabbagh (GSI-ERLI - FR)
 "Integration of a CL-checker in an Operational SGML
 Authoring Environment: Methodological and Technical Issues"

11.35 : Pim van der Eijck & Michiel de Koning (CAP Volmac - NL)
 "Automatic Correction and Translation of Controlled Languages"

12.00 : Kathleen Barthe (Aerospatiale - FR)
 "EUROCASTLE - A User's Experience with Prototype AECMA SE Checkers"

12.25 : Lunch Break

Session 2 - Non-AECMA SE: definitions, tools, user experiences

14.00 : Eric Nyberg & Teruko Mitamura (CMT, Carnegie Mellon University - USA)
 "Controlled Language and Knowledge-Based Machine
 Translation: Principles and Practice"

14.25 : Steve Maxwell & Phil Hayes (Carnegie Group - USA)
 "Controlled English Advantages for Translated and Original
 English Documents"

14.50 : Shona Douglas (University of Edinburgh - UK)
 "Controlled Language Support for Perkins Approved Clear
 English (PACE)"

15.15 : Kurt Godden & Linda Means (General Motors - USA)
 "The Controlled Automotive Service Language (CASL) Project"

15.40 : Coffee Break

16.10 : Eduard Johnson (Prolingua - UK)
 "LinguaNet - Controlling Police Communication"

16.35 : Norbert Fuchs & Rolf Schwitter (University of Zuerich - CH)
 "Attempto Controlled English (ACE)"

17.00: Patrick Goyvaerts (Alcatel Telecom - BE)
 "Controlled English, Curse or Blessing? - A User's Perspective"

Note: presentation by John Smart pending

19.00 : Workshop dinner


Session 3 - Other CLs than SE: definitions, tools, user experiences

09.30 : Dan Kiernan (Alcatel Telecom - FR)
 "French, Simplified by Engineers"

09.55 : Stefanie Schachtl (Siemens ZFE - DE)
 "Requirements for Controlled German in Industrial Applications"

10.20 : Bernd Dobbert (Star Germany - DE)
 "Simplified German - A practical approach to documentation"

10.45 : Anna Sagvall Hein (Uppsala Universitet - SE) & Ingrid Almqvist
 (Scania CV AB - SE)
 "Defining Scania Swedish - a controlled language for truck

11.10 : Coffee Break

Session 4 - Controlled language in perspective: broader issues

11.30 : Heather Holmback & Serena Shubert (Boeing & University of
 Washington - USA)
 "Issues in Conducting Empirical Evaluations of Controlled

11.55 : Richard Kittredge (Cogentex/University of Montreal - CAN)
 "Distinctions between Controlled Language and Sublanguage"

12.20 : Lunch break

14.00 : Eva Dauphin & Veronika Lux (Aerospatiale - FR)
 "Corpora Studies: a Contribution to the Definition of a
 Controlled Language"

14.25 : Remi Zajac (New Mexico State University - USA)
 "Syntactic and Semantic Problems in the Use of a Controlled

14.50 : Flora Ramirez Bustamente & Fernando Sanchez-Leon
 (University Carlos III & Free University, Madrid - ES)
 "Is Linguistic Information Enough for Grammar Checking?"

15.15 : Coffee Break

15.40 : Geert Adriaens (Siemens Nixdorf & University of Leuven - BE)
 "SECC: Issues in Controlling Text Units above the Sentence"

16.05 : Stephen Pulman (SRI Cambridge - UK)
 "Controlled Language for Knowledge Representation"

16.30 : Farewell reception
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