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Tue Feb 13 1996

Sum: Women/Language/Humour

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  1. SEN4SH, Summary: Women/Language/Humour.

Message 1: Summary: Women/Language/Humour.

Date: Wed, 14 Feb 1996 00:34:16 GMT
From: SEN4SH <>
Subject: Summary: Women/Language/Humour.
With regard to a plea for information on women/language and humour last 
December, I would like to thank the following people for their time and 

Ursula Doleschal.
Susan M. Ervin-Tripp.
Hannah ?
Alex Housen.
Kent Lee.
Miriam Meyerhoff.
Chris Nelson.
Bill Nichols.
Linda Shokey. 

Suggestions for further contact:
Jennifer Hay, who has completed a masters on gender differences in 
humour, which is available online. E-mail -

Helga Kotthof, who is currantly researching this area. E-mail -

Further reading:

Finney, Gail (ed.) (1994) Look Who's Laughing: Gender and Comedy. 
Studies in Humor and Gender, Vol.1. Series editors, Regina Barreca and 
Nancy Walker. (ISBN 2-88124-645-1).

Cantor, Joanne R. (1976) What is Funny to Whom? The Role of Gender. 
Journal of Communication 26(3):164-172.

Barreca, Regina (1991) They Used to Call Me Snow White...But I Drifted: 
Women's Strategic Use of Humor. New York: Viking Penguin.

Tannen, Deborah, You Just Don't Understand. And, Gender and Discourse.
Also there is a pamphlet available from Linda Shockey (e-mail address 
above) written by her "Women and Language Group" on humour from a 
feminist perspective.

Again many thanks to those who took the time to help.

Sarah Howells
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