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Tue Feb 13 1996

FYI: Mailing List ComparLingAfric, Romance Ling Corrected

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  1. Robert Nicolao, please publish : mailing list ComparLingAfric
  2. David Eddington, Romance Linguistics-Corrected

Message 1: please publish : mailing list ComparLingAfric

Date: Tue, 13 Feb 1996 05:57:49 CST
From: Robert Nicolao <>
Subject: please publish : mailing list ComparLingAfric

Mailing-list ComparLingAfric is opened to topics where comparative
linguistics in African languages of the Sahel-Sahara zone are the
subject of discussion, this includes :

1) Languages and language families present in the Sahel-Sahara zone:
Mande, Chadic, Berber, Nilo-Saharan... Analysis of results obtained in
the research on genetic relationships.

2) Problems related to the description of changes in the context of
languages of oral tradition.

3) Understanding linguistic changes and all the relevant factors
concerning language transformation.

Research workers who do not specialize in the above-mentioned
languages, but who nevertheless are interested in general issues of
theoretical or methodological value for the work carried out or
research tools involved, are welcome to contribute.

Issues of the following type will thus be discussed:

- Empirical issues (Particular facts pertaining to a language or a

- Methodological issues (Procedures and methods of description).

- Theoretical issues (Principles of language change).

- Epistemological or cognitive issues (The validity of established
facts and how these are obtained).


Contributions can be posted either in English or in French.

To add yourself from the list, send a message without subject to :

exemple abonnement (subscribe) :
echo "SUB ComparLingAfric Prenom Nom" | mail

for further inquiries please contact (Robert Nicolai )
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Message 2: Romance Linguistics-Corrected

Date: Mon, 12 Feb 1996 22:06:32 CST
From: David Eddington <>
Subject: Romance Linguistics-Corrected
Please note that the deadline to submit abstracts for the Romance
Linguistics session of the MLA is March 10, 1996.
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