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Wed Feb 14 1996

Confs: XVth Scandinavian Conf of Ling, Child lg research

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  1. Helge L=F8drup, Papers from the XVth Scandinavian Conference of Linguistics
  2. Tracy King, CLRF 1996 - schedule and information

Message 1: Papers from the XVth Scandinavian Conference of Linguistics

Date: Wed, 14 Feb 1996 08:14:05 +0600
From: Helge L=F8drup <>
Subject: Papers from the XVth Scandinavian Conference of Linguistics

Papers from the XVth Scandinavian Conference of Linguistics

Papers from the XVth Scandinavian Conference of Linguistics (1995, 543
pages) is available from the Department of Linguistics, University of
Oslo. The price is 275 NOK (Norwegian Kroner) if you send us a check;
200 NOK if you pay to our Norwegian postal giro account. The price
includes postage and handling. Prepayment is not necessary. Send your
order to


Nina Kulsrud
Department of Linguistics
Pb 1102, Blindern
N-0317 Oslo

- -------------------------------------------------------
Professor Helge Lodrup
University of Oslo
Department of Linguistics
Pb 1102, Blindern
N-0317 Oslo, Norway

E-mail: Phone +47 22 85 48 31
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Message 2: CLRF 1996 - schedule and information

Date: Tue, 13 Feb 1996 14:47:41 PST
From: Tracy King <thkingcsli.Stanford.EDU>
Subject: CLRF 1996 - schedule and information

 Center for the Study of Language & Information, Cordura Hall 100
 Stanford University -- April 12 - 14, 1996
 7.00-7.30 pm Registration
 7.30 pm Introductory Remarks: Eve V. Clark
 7.40 pm Workshop: "Perspectives on an emerging language: creoli-
 zation and critical periods"
 Organizers: Judy A. Kegl (Rutgers University) and John
	 McWhorter (UC Berkeley)
 9.45 pm Reception, Cordura Hall lobby, CSLI

 8.30 am - Registration
 9.00-10.30 am PAPER SESSION - Chair: Helen Shwe
 9.00 am Elise Frank Masur (Northern Illinois University) Mater-
 nal labeling practices and infants' lexical constraints
 9.30 am William E. Merriman & Colleen M. Stevenson (Kent State
 University) A reconsideration of the mutual exclusivity bias
	 in young 2-year-olds

 10.00 am Gedeon Deak (Vanderbilt University) & Michael
	 Maratsos (University of Minnesota) Preschoolers produce
	 multiple words for unfamiliar objects
 10.30-11.00 am Coffee Break
 11.00-12.00 pm PAPER SESSION - Chair: tba
 11.00 am Richard F. S. Hung (University of Hawaii) The role
	 of prosody in the acquisition of grammatical morphemes
 11.30 am Allyson K. Carter & LouAnn Gerken (University of
 Arizona) Functors in early on-line sentence comprehension
 12.00-1.30 pm Lunch Break
 1.30-3.00 pm PAPER SESSION - Chair: Lauren Shapiro
 1.30 pm Werner Deutsch, Angela Wagner, Renate Burchardt,
	 Karen Jahn, & Nina Schulz (Technische Universitaet
	 Braunschweig) From Adam('s) and Eve('s) to mine and yours in
	 singletons and siblings
 2.00 pm Kei Nakamura (University of California, Berkeley)
 Gender-based differences in the language of preschool
 2.30 pm Hrafnhildur Ragnarsdottir (University College of
	 Education, Reykjarvik), Hanne Gram Simonsen (University of
	 Oslo), & Kim Plunkett (University of Oxford) The acquisition
	 of past tense inflection in Icelandic and Norwegian children
 3.00 - 3.30 pm Break
 3.30 - 4.30 pm PAPER SESSION - Chair: Jennifer Arnold
 3.30 pm Hulya Ozcan (Anadolu University, Eski,ehir)
	 Pronominali zation in the narratives of Turkish-speaking
 4.00 pm Norma Jean Gomme & Carolyn Johnson (University of
	 British Columbia) Pronominal reference in 3-year-olds'
 4.30-6.00 pm POSTER SESSION
 Annick De Houwer (Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study,
	 & University of Antwerp) The role of input in the
	 acquisition of past verb forms in English and Dutch:
	 Evidence from a bilingual child
 Susanne Doepke (Monash University) Is the simultaneous
	 acquisition of two languages in early childhood equal to
	 acquiring each of the two languages individually?
 Thierry Nazzi (Laboratoire de Sciences Cognitives et Psycho-
 linguistique, Paris) Role of prosody in the discrimination
	 of foreign languages by newborns
 Nitya Sethuraman, Adele E. Goldberg, & Judith Goodman (UC
	 San Diego) Using the semantics associated with syntactic
	 frames for interpretation without the aid of non-linguistic
 Helen Goodluck (University of Ottawa), Arhonto Terzi
	 (CUNY-Lehman College), & Gema Chocano Diaz (Instituto Ortega
	 y Gasset, Madrid) A cross-linguistic perspective on the
	 acquisition of PRO
 Thomas Hun-take Lee (Chinese University of Hong Kong) Scope
	 and distributivity in child Mandarin
 Eileen Shu-Hui Chen (University of Hawaii at Manoa)
	 Pragmatic comprehension: Development of Mandarin-speaking
	 children's strategies for interpretation of given and new
 Rushen Shi (University of British Columbia), James Morgan, &
	 Paul Allopenna (Brown University) Phonological and acoustic
	 bases for early grammatical category assignment: A
	 crosslinguistic perspective
 Michael Brent (Johns Hopkins University) & Joost van der
	 Weijer (MPI for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen) Segmentation
	 and word discovery: The interaction of lexical and
	 phonotactic knowledge in Dutch and English
 Heather Goad (McGill University) Codas, word minimality, and
 empty-headed syllables
 Mark Hale & Charles Reiss (Concordia University)
	 Phonological acquisition and the initial ranking of
	 faithfulness constraints

 8.30 am - Registration
 9.00-10.30 am PAPER SESSION - Chair: Maria-Eugenia Nino
 9.00 am Lourdes de Leon (Reed College) The acquisition of
	 vertical path in Tzotzil (Mayan): Language-specific vs
	 cognitive determinants
 9.30 am David P. Wilkins (MPI for Psycholinguistics) The
	 ver balisation of motion events in Arrernte (Central
 10.00 am Sven Stromqvist (University of Gothenburg) and
 Hrafnhildur Ragnarsdottir (University College of Education,
 Reykjarvik) The linguistic encoding of spatial relations in
 Scandinavian child language development
 10.30-11.30 am Coffee Break
 11.00-12.30 pm PAPER SESSION - Chair: Rachel Nordlinger
 11.00 am Letitia Naigles (Yale University) English-speaking
 one-year-olds are verb learners too
 11.30 am Penelope Brown (MPI for Psycholinguistics)
	 Isolating the CVC root in Tzeltal Mayan: a study of
	 children's first verbs
 12.00 pm Masami Nomura (Daito Bunka University) & Yasuhiro
 Shirai (Carnegie Mellon University) Over-extension of
	 intransitive verbs in the acquisition of Japanese

All the meeting sessions will be held in Cordura Hall, Room 100 (at
Center for the Study of Language and Information), Stanford
University. This building is located on Campus Drive, between the
Medical School and the exit onto Junipero Serra Blvd. From Palo Alto,
take Palm Drive, then turn right onto Campus Drive until you see
"CSLI" signposted (a left-hand turn) after passing the Medical School
on your right. For a detailed map, with a zoom on the location of
Cordura Hall , please consult the CSLI

The Proceedings of the 27th Child Language Research Forum (1995) have
been published by the Center for the Study of Language and
Information, Stanford, and are now available from Cambridge University
Press. The Proceedings of previous CLRF meetings pub lished by CSLI
are also available from the same source. Look for CUP's Spring
Catalogue for 1996.


PREREGISTRATION (fee includes program booklet): Please send check
(payable to CLRF) to: CLRF, Department of Linguistics, Building 460,
Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305-2150, USA, post- marked no
later than March 10, 1996. (Walk-in registration will be $15 for
students, $35 for non-students.)

 __ student ($10.00)

 __ non-student ($25.00)

If you will not be attending the forum, but would like to receive the
program booklet including abstracts and resumes, please check below
and enclose a check (payable to CLRF: see address above) for
$6.00. Checks should be drawn on U.S. banks.

 __ I will not be at the Forum. Enclosed is $6.00 for a program

 Please fill in the details below:

 Phone number:

 __ Currently on mailing list at the above address.

 __ Change of address

 __ Add to mailing list




Miles Name & Address & Phone Sgl Dbl Codes

MENLO PARK (94025)
1.4 Riviera Motor Lodge, 15 El Camino 321-8772 $79.00/$89.00/PBW
1.4 Stanford Park Hotel, 100 El Camino 322-1234 180.00/195.00/P
1.5 Stanford Arms, 115 El Camino 325-1428 40.00/45.00/K
1.9 Mermaid Inn Motel, 727 El Camino 323-9481 55.00/66.00/PK
2.4 Menlo Park Inn, 1315 El Camino 326-7530 85.00/90.00/K
2.8 The Red Cottage, 1704 El Camino 326-9010 60.00/70.00/PK

1.0 The Cardinal Hotel, 235 Hamilton Ave. 323-5101 68.00/68.00/W
1.5 Garden Court Hotel, 520 Cowper St. 322-9000 170.00/185.00
2.1 Hotel California, 2431 Ash St. 322-7666 54.00/62.00/B

0.8 Holiday Inn, 625 El Camino (94301) 328-2800 96.00/96.00/P
1.2 Stanford Terrace Inn, 531 Stanford Av 857-0333 107.00/117.00/PK
1.7 Coronet Motel, 2455 El Camino 326-1081 40.00/44.00/PK
2.1 Economy Inn, 3200 El Camino 493-9085 55.00/65.00/PK
2.1 Palo Alto Travelodge, 3255 El Camino 493-6340 54.00/64.00
2.2 Stanford Motor Inn, 3305 El Camino 493-3153 52.00/54.00/PK
2.3 Creekside Inn (BW), 3398 El Camino 493-2411 79.00/90.00/PK
2.7 Glass Slipper Motel, 3941 El Camino 493-6611 34.00/40.00/PK
2.8 Imperial Co'Z 8, 3945 El Camino 493-3141 38.00/50.00/KBW
2.8 Mayflower Garden Motel, 3981 El Camino 493-4433 39.00/42.00/PK
3.0 Town House Motel, 4164 El Camino 493-4492 39.00/45.00
3.2 Hyatt Rickeys, 4219 El Camino 493-8000 89.00/89.00/P
3.3 Sky Ranch Motel, 4234 El Camino 493-7221 52.00/64.00/K
3.4 Days Inn Motel, 4238 El Camino 493-4222 65.00/70.00
3.4 Dinah's Motor Lodge, 4261 El Camino 493-2844 115.00/149.00/PK
3.5 Palo Alto Oaks Motel, 4279 El Camino 493-6644 39.95/49.95/PKW
3.7 Country Inn Motel, 4345 El Camino 948-9154 41.00/50.00/PK

Codes: P - Pool; K - Kitchenette; W - Weekly Rates Available; B -
Breakfast NOTE: Rates as quoted do not include taxes. In order to
obtain lowest rates, please identify yourself as a Stanford affiliate.
Stanford University makes no representation regarding the
hotels/motels listed. All Prices subject to change without notice.

Approaches to the Stanford Campus from Freeways 101 and 280: Stanford
University is on the "Peninsula," in the county of Santa Clara,
approximately 30 miles southeast of San Francisco ad 20 miles
northwest of San Jose. Car Rental Services are available at San
Francisco and San Jose Airports and at several locations in Palo Alto:

>From either airport, call: In Palo Alto call:

Avis 1-800-331-1212 415/493-8888
Budget 1-800-527-0700 415/875-6850
Hertz 1-800-227-7368 415/493-3012

IF YOU ARE DRIVING TO STANFORD take either Bayshore Freeway (US 101),
or the Junipero Serra Freeway (Interstate 280). From US 101 take
Embarcadero Road or University Avenue exit and drive southwest to
campus. From Interstate 280, take Sand Hill Road or Page Mill Road
exit and drive East to Junipera Serra Blvd.


VAN/LIMO: "Airport Connection" -
(415) 363-1500 $10/person (cash only, one bag, one carrier)
1-800-AIRPORT $15/person (more than one suitcase)

VAN: "Bayporter Express"
(415) 467-1800 Van service $17.00 ($10.00 add'l person) one way
1-800-548-8811 door-to-door to/from any airport terminal. Pickup
is upstairs on the departure level at blue sign. Ask for BayPorter
Express. Advance reservations required.

Other VAN services: "South Bay Airport Shuttle", "Supershuttle",
"South & East Bay Shuttle" -- all on (upstairs) departure level.

BUS: SamTrans Bus - $1.00 charge one-way. Pickup down- 1-800-660-BUS
stairs on departure level near Delta and United. Take bus #7F to
Stanford Shopping Center. Take Marguerite shuttle purple line (free)
to campus. Bus leaves every 30 minutes and takes approx. 55 min.

TAXI: Yellow Cab - 24 hour service. From airport, pickup (415)
321-1234 at arrivals area. From Stanford to SFO, approx $42 w/ 2hr
advance notice; w/o notice, approx $60 + $2.00 for pick-up)


VAN/LIMO: "Airport Connection"
(415) 363-1500 $10/person (cash only, one bag, one carrier)
1-800-AIRPORT $15/person (more than one suitcase)

VAN: "BayPorter Express"
(415) 467-1800 Van service $17.00 ($10.00 add'l person) one way
1-800-548-8811 door-to-door from airport terminal. Pickup
outside baggage claim. Advance reservations required.

Other VAN services: "South Bay Airport Shuttle", "Supershuttle",
"South & East Bay Shuttle"

BUS: Santa Clara County Transit - $1.50 day pass or $0.75 (408)
287-4210 each trip. No transfers are issued. (M-F) Take bus #10
North to Benton and El Camino, cross street, then bus #300 to Stanford
Oval. (S-S) Take bus #10 North to Monroe & Franklin, cross street;
bus #22 to Palo Alto train station; bus #35 to Stanford Oval. Buses
run approx. every 30 minutes.

TAXI: Yellow Cab - Approx. $25-$28 to/from airport and (415) 321-1234
destination/pickup point at Stanford.

TRAIN: CalTrain - The commuter train costs $5.25 round-trip
1-800-660-4287 from University Avenue Depot in Palo Alto to San
Francisco, and $3.50 round trip to San Jose. Hours: M-F 5:15 am to
11:00 pm, S-S 6:30 am to 11:00 pm. Take buses #35, #300 or the
Marguerite shuttle to/from Stanford Oval.


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