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Sat Feb 17 1996

Confs: Unity in Diversity, Ling Assoc of Great Britain

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  1. Lynne Bowker, Unity in Diversity -- Call for Participation

Message 1: Unity in Diversity -- Call for Participation

Date: Fri, 16 Feb 1996 15:30:28 GMT
From: Lynne Bowker <lynneCompApp.DCU.IE>
Subject: Unity in Diversity -- Call for Participation

International Translation Studies Conference, 9-11 May 1996
 Dublin City University, Ireland


Dublin is a beautiful city on the east coast of Ireland. Rich in
culture, tradition and learning, Dublin is a popular spot for
tourists, conventions, and trade shows, as well as conferences; hence,
finding suitable accommodation at the last minute can be next to
impossible. A certain number of rooms have been blocked off for
participants in the Unity in Diversity conference, but you must
register NOW to ensure accommodation.

The cost of the conference is 100(IR pounds) for delegates (120(IR
pounds) for late registration) and includes lunches, coffees,
receptions, and a banquet followed by Irish-style entertainment.

Confirmed speakers include: Lawrence Venuti, Mona Baker, Mattias Heyn,
Rosemary Arrojo, Annie Brisset, Alexis Nouss, Christiane Nord, Dieter
Huber, Franz Poechhacker, Paul Bennett, Heidemarie Salvesky, Luise von
Flotow, Bill Findlay, Eithne O'Connell, Kitty Shields, and many more.

Accommodation costs range from 17-137(IR pounds)/night and include
breakfast. But remember: you must book early to guarantee a room.

Don't be left out in the cold! Register NOW. Registration forms and
further information on the conference and accommodation can be
obtained from:

International Translation Studies Conference Secretariat
CIE Tours International
35 Lower Abbey Street
Dublin 1
Fax: +353 1 874 7324
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Date: Fri, 16 Feb 1996 16:26:10 GMT
From: "billy clark" <>
Spring Meeting 1996: University of Sussex


Queries to: Nicola Woods (

 Thursday 11 April 1996

2.00 Workshop: "New Cognates for Historical Linguistics"
 Organisers: April McMahon (Cambridge), Kersti Borjars (Manchester).

 2.00 Introduction by the organisers.
 2.10 Professor Anna Siewierska (Lancaster) "Historical
 Linguistics and Typology"
 3.00 Dr. Paul Foulkes (Newcastle) "Historical Linguistics and
 Experimental Phonetics"
 4.30 Dr. Rob McMahon and Dr. April McMahon (Cambridge)
 "Historical Linguistics and Genetics"
 5.30 Panel discussion between the workshop speakers,
 Professor Johanna Nichols (keynote speaker) and the

7.45 Linguistics Association 1996 Lecture:
 "Where on earth is Indo-European?"
 Professor Johanna Nichols (Berkeley)

 Friday 12 April 1996

Session A
9.00 Pat Poussa (Helsinki) "Drifting Northward: Implicational Scales
 in Syntactic Levelling"
9.40 Richard Coates (Sussex) "On a Recent View of the Linguistic
 Prehistory of Europe"
10.20 Jane Stuart-Smith (Oxford/Birmingham) "What Role Should
 Phonetics Play in Historical Phonological Reconstruction?"

Session B
9.00 Hans van de Koot (UCL) "Strong Features and (Multiple)
9.40 Rhang K. Lee (Edinburgh) "A Typology of the Directionality of
 Checking and its Implications"
10.20 George Tsoulas (York) "Empty Categories in the Minimalist

Session C
9.00 Vesselin Vatchkov (Oxford) "Word Order and Relevance: From
 Prague to London or to London from Prague"
9.40 Marco Rocha (Sussex) "Discourse Processing and Anaphora"
10.20 Dick Hudson (UCL) "Some Sentences That Students I Teach Can
 Remember Are Multiply Self-Embedded"

Session A
11.30 Ellen Thompson (Maryland) "The Syntax of Presentational and
 Predicational Sentences"
12.10 James Higginbotham and Gillian Ramchand (Oxford) "The
 Stage-Level/Individual-Level Distinction and the Mapping

Session B
11.30 Bruce Connell (Oxford) "Four Tones and Downtrend"
12.10 Margaret Cobb (SOAS) "Vowel Harmony in Natal Brazilian

Session C
11.30 Yaron Matras (Manchester) "Grammatical Re-Cycling and
 Language Contact in Romani"
12.10 Anna Siewierska (Lancaster) "Constituent Order in the
 Languages of Europe"

Session A
2.00 Robert D. Borsley (Bangor) and Andreas Kathol (Groningen)
 "Breton as a V2 Language"
2.40 M. Siobh n Cottell (Bangor) "Verb-Movement, the Copula and
 Verb-Second Phenomena in Irish"
3.20 David Willis (Oxford) "Clausal Coordination and the Loss of
 Verb-Second in Welsh"

Session B
2.00 Corinne Cortes (Barcelona) "Structural Asymmetries, Agency and
 the Feature [+animate]"
2.40 Heloisa Salles (Bangor/Bras!lia) "Preposition Pied-Piping and
 Preposition Stranding: A Minimalist Approach"
3.20 Jamal Ouhalla (QMW) and Malcolm Edwards (Birkbeck) "Questions,
 Pronouns and Operators in Spoken Arabic"

Session C
2.00 Ute Bohnacker (Durham) "The Acquisition of Determiner Phrases in
 Early Child Language"
2.40 William McClure (Durham) "The Realisation of Tense in Japanese"
3.20 Andrew Spencer and Marina Zaretskaya (Essex) "Russian

4.30 Annual General Meeting

5.30-8.45 Language Tutorial: Chechen and Ingush
 Johnanna Nichols (Berkeley)

 Saturday 13 April 1996

Session A
9.00 Najib Jarad (Aleppo/Bangor) "The Origin and Reanalysis of "for"
 as a Complementiser"
9.40 Isabel Muxi (Durham) "Catalan is Not VOS: Evidence from Old
10.20 Kersti Borjars (Manchester) and Carol Chapman (Newcastle)
 "Agreement and Pro-Drop in Some Dialects of English"

Session B
9.00 Julia Barron (Manchester) "Circumstantial Complements in
 Romance: A Gerdts' Mapping Theory Account"
9.40 Nigel Vincent and Cecilia Goria (Manchester) "Psych-Adjectives"
10.20 Arancha Mateos (Durham) "Case, Agreement and Romance DPs"

Session C
9.00 Elizabeth McCoy (York) "Absolutives, Aspect and Prepositions"
9.40 David Adger and Bernadette Plunkett (York) "Clauses and Case"
10.20 Kerstin Hoge (Oxford) "The Yiddish Double Verb Construction"

Session A
11.30 Paul Rowlett (Salford) "Negative Pronouns in French"
12.10 Peter Kahrel (Lancaster) "Areal Features of Negative Indefinites"

Session B
11.30 Gerald Gazdar (Sussex) "Gikuyu Preprefixation"
12.10 Zaharani Ahmad (Essex) "Correspondence Theory and Verbal
 Reduplication in Malay"

Session C
11.30 Melanie Green (SOAS) "A Minimalist Approach to the Theory
 of Focus in Hausa"
12.10 Richard Breheny (UCL) "Pro-active Focus"

2.00 Language Tutorial: Chechen/Ingush
 Johanna Nichols (Berkeley)

 4.00 CLOSE
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