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Thu Feb 22 1996

FYI: Shanghai Ling, Proceedings of Chicago Ling Society 31

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  1. Lu Bingfu, An Announcement of listserv Shanghai
  2. Barbara Need, CLS 31 now available

Message 1: An Announcement of listserv Shanghai

Date: Wed, 21 Feb 1996 22:07:59 PST
From: Lu Bingfu <>
Subject: An Announcement of listserv Shanghai
 An announcement of the establishment of
 Internet Forum of Shanghai Linguistics
 We are pleased to announce the establishment of the internet
 Forum of Shanghai Chinese.
 The principle goal of this forum is to promote the understanding 
 of and research in Shanghai Chinese -- the language spoken by citizens 
 of the largest city on earth. Although it has always been referred to 
 as a dialect of Chinese, and although it shares a large portion of its 
 vocabulary with standard Chinese, Shanghai Chinese is different enough 
 in its phonology, morphology and even syntax from standard Chinese 
 that it is a unique linguistic system in its own right. A more 
 rigorous study of this system will no doubt enrich our knowledge of 
 human languages in general and of Shanghai Chinese in particular. 
 Toward that end, this forum provides an ideal environment where people 
 can solicit data or exchange ideas related to Shanghai Chinese without 
 having to disturb those who are not interested in these matters. With 
 the help of every one of its participants including you, we trust this 
 forum will prove its worth to you. 
 If you need to post a message to this forum, simply mail it to But if you decide to unsubscribe from it in the 
 future, please remember that you should send in you request to Thank you for your cooperation.
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Message 2: CLS 31 now available

Date: Thu, 22 Feb 1996 14:18:43 CST
From: Barbara Need <>
Subject: CLS 31 now available

We just wanted to let everyone know that the volumes of CLS 31
(conference April 1995) with a Parasession on Clitics is now avaialble.

If you have already ordered, the books should be shipped out in the next
few weeks.

If you have not ordered and you wish to, please contact CLS directly

If you don't remember whether or not you have
ordered the books, please contact CLS. They will let you know.

Barbara Need
 for CLS 31
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