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Sun Feb 25 1996

FYI: Journal, Web Site, Specifiers, Internships

Editor for this issue: T. Daniel Seely <>


  1. System Administrator, Moscow Journal of Linguistics
  2. Lizhong Zhang, Web Site: Chinese-English Bilingual
  3. D Adger, Specifiers Correction
  4. Karen Ward, Summer Internships in HCI & Multimodal Systems

Message 1: Moscow Journal of Linguistics

Date: Fri, 23 Feb 1996 14:57:49 +0300
From: System Administrator <>
Subject: Moscow Journal of Linguistics

 On "The Moscow Journal of Linguistics"

 Dear colleagues!

 We are pleased to inform you that the first volume of a new
linguistic periodical, "The Moscow Journal of Linguistics" (MJL),
has been published in the Russian State University for the Humani-
ties. Devoted to comparativist issues, it includes articles by A.B.
Dolgopolsky, E. Khelimsky, A. Manaster Ramer, V. Orel, S.A.Staros-
tin, G.S.Starostin, V.A. Dybo and A.V. Dybo. Of the eleven papers
in the volume, five are in English. The price per copy is $ 15 US
for individuals, $ 25 for organizations, journals and libraries.
 The appearance of the second volume is expected by April 1996.
It will be a Festschrift in honour of the renowned Russian linguist
E. V. Paducheva. The Festschrift will include papers by Ju. Apre-
syan, I. Mel'chuk, A. Wierzbicka, A. Boguslawsky, B. Partee, P.
Sgall, M. Gasparov, A. Zholkovsky and other well-known scholars.
The topics are diverse: a broad range of linguistic problems, se-
miotics, poetics. Of the twenty nine papers, four are in English.
 No less than three issues per year are expected to be
published. The Editorial Board invites you to submit for publica-
tion your original articles, book reviews, remarks, notes, reminis-
cences, letters, and other information. Submissions may be made in
hard copies and either on disk or by e-mail. Texts may be in En-
glish or in Russian.
 The Editorial Board will support a broad spectrum of ap-
proaches and methods, including the opinions not coinciding with
our own, providing they stimulate discussion of linguistic sub-
 At present we are unable to accept subscriptions, but we hope
to do so after the appearance of the the second or third volume.

 O R D E R F O R M 

 The Moscow Journal of Linguistics

..... - number of copies

NAME ............................................. 
Date ............

- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

The orders are to be sent to the Editorial Board (by e-mail or
postal address).


Postal address: 

MJL Editorial Board, 
Faculty of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, 
The Russian State University for Humanities (R.G.G.U.), 
Miusskaya pl., 6, 125267 Moscow, Russia

 The payment is to be made to the followimg bank account:

 Savings Bank of the Russian Federation, Moscow Bank
 (Meschanskoe Branch 7811/1606), account 081000019, RGGU
 Russian State University for Humanities, Moscow, Russia
 3800170500024, Moscow Journal of Linguistics

 While remitting money to this account, would you kindly indi-
cate the full name of its beneficiary - "The Russian State Univer-
sity for Humanities" - and the title of the journal?

 The Editorial Board of MJL

 A.N. Barulin, M.A. Krongauz, E.V. Muravenko, I.A. Muravyova,
 N.V. Pertsov (Editor-in-cnief), S.A. Starostin

 February 1996
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Message 2: Web Site: Chinese-English Bilingual

Date: Sat, 24 Feb 1996 17:56:50 +1100
From: Lizhong Zhang <>
Subject: Web Site: Chinese-English Bilingual
A Web Site on Chinese-English Bilingual Teaching and Learning has become 
available at:

Please forward your suggestions and comments on this site to:

Thank you in advance!
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Message 3: Specifiers Correction

Date: Fri, 23 Feb 1996 16:43:57 GMT
From: D Adger <>
Subject: Specifiers Correction

For some reason email has transformed the flat conference fee for the 
Specifier conference to 315 pounds sterling. This should of course be 
slightly less at 15 (fifteen) pounds sterling.
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Message 4: Summer Internships in HCI & Multimodal Systems

Date: Thu, 22 Feb 1996 10:12:00 PST
From: Karen Ward <>
Subject: Summer Internships in HCI & Multimodal Systems


Applications are invited from outstanding upper-level undergraduate and
graduate students for full-time summer internship positions in
human-computer interaction and multimodal systems. Funding for these
internships primarily is sponsored by the National Science Foundation,
and is part of a larger NSF project entitled ``Interactive Multimodal
Interfaces: Designing for Human Performance." Students selected will
participate in an interdisciplinary, team-oriented research project
investigating people's spoken, pen-based, and multimodal input to
interactive computer systems. One aim of this research is the design of
successful interfaces for multimodal systems and portable devices.
This work is being conducted in a new state-of-the-art laboratory
facility in the Center for Human-Computer Communication at the Oregon
Graduate Institute of Science and Technology (OGI), which is located in
the Portland metropolitan area 10-15 minutes west of the city.

Applicants with a background in computer science, cognitive science,
psychology, linguistics, or human factors are encouraged to apply, and
interests in the following areas are preferred: human-computer
interaction and user-centered design, multimodal/multimedia systems,
human communication and behavior, linguistics and natural language
processing, speech and pen technology, interactive graphics and
visualization techniques, research design and statistics. Experience
working with human subjects, scoring and analyzing language-oriented
behavior, using WAVES software, using data analysis/statistics
software, programming in C++ and X-windows, or in computer graphics
would be most relevant to the project.

To apply, submit a resume, xerox copy of course transcripts, names and
contact information for 3 references, and a brief statement of
research/career interests by March 25th to:

Gloria McCauley, Center Administrator
Center for Human-Computer Communication
Department of Computer Science
Oregon Graduate Institute of Science & Technology
P. O. Box 91000
Portland, Oregon 97291

FAX: (503) 690-1548

For FEDEX, please use shipping address at:
Department of Computer Science
20000 N.W. Walker Road
Beaverton, Oregon 97006

For further information, or to apply via email:
Women and minority applicants are encouraged to apply.
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